“Cloud Numerics” Example: Analyzing Demographics Data from Windows Azure Marketplace

Imagine your sales business is ‘booming’ in cities X, Y, and Z, and you are looking to expand. Given that demographics provide regional indicators of sales potential, how do you find other cities with similar demographics? How do you sift though large sets of data to identify new cities and new expansion opportunities? In this…

“Cloud Numerics” Example: Statistics Operations to Azure Data

This post demonstrates how to use Microsoft.Numerics C# API to perform statistical operations on data in Windows Azure blob storage. We go through the steps of loading data using IParallelReader interface, performing distributed statistics operations, and saving results to blob storage. As we sequence through the steps, we highlight the code samples from the application….

Using Data

This post contains the following topics: Working with Arrays Loading Distributed Data from a File Creating Distributed Arrays from Azure Blobs Accessing Data with LINQ Working with Arrays You can create either dense n-dimensional arrays or distributed dense n-dimensional arrays using Microsoft codename “Cloud Numerics” lab. Creating Arrays You can create dense arrays with Numerics.Local….