Azure Administrator Account Security

In this short post I wanted to share a couple of recommendations that I give to customers to ensure their Azure administrator accounts are secured. Because the resources you deploy in Azure (or any cloud for that matter) are in all likelihood critical to running your business, you need to ensure the credentials themselves used…


Using Managed Service Identities in Functions to Access Key Vault

In my previous blog post I walked through a scenario leveraging Azure Functions and Event Grid to handle blob replication between storage accounts. There was one piece of that solution that I wasn’t particular fond of, and that was the fact that I had the storage account connection string hard coded in the Function itself….


Generating SSH keys for Azure Linux VMs

When creating new Azure Linux virtual machines, it is recommended you use SSH keys to connect to the VM rather than a username/password combination. Creating these keys is simple using Bash. Bash is native in Linux and Mac OS X but clients are available on Windows as well. Git for Windows comes with the Git…


Permissions in Azure DocumentDB

Azure DocumentDB is a fully managed document database in the Microsoft Azure platform. I provided an introduction to DocumentDB in a previous post. As with any publically available resource it is essential that appropriate security measures are taken to avoid unwanted access to DocumentDB resources. To support this, all operations against a DocumentDB resource must…