End to End SSL with Azure Application Gateway

Azure Application Gateway is a layer 7 load balancer with features such as SSL termination, WAF and multiple routing options. For web applications this is a great option for load balancing your applications across multiple back end servers where the Azure Load Balancer may not meet your requirements. In this post, I’ll walk through an…


Uploading Azure NSG Flow Logs to OMS

** Edit ** I mentioned below that Network Watcher is only available in 3 regions. As of May 4, 2017 Azure Network Watcher is now available in ALL public cloud regions! Azure Network Security Group (NSG) Flow Logs were part of the recent announcement for the availability of the Azure Network Watcher service. This really…


Performing Application Upgrades on Azure VM Scale Sets

Virtual Machine Scale Sets (VMSS) are an awesome solution available on Azure, providing autoscale capabilities and elasticity for your application. I was recently working with a customer who was interested in leveraging VMSS on their web tier and one of the points we focused on was how to do an upgrade of an application running…


Configuring Startup and Logon scripts for Azure RemoteApp

Azure RemoteApp (ARA) is an Azure service that enables companies to deploy their business applications as virtualized services. Most 32 or 64 bit Windows applications can be hosted in ARA (such as LOB, legacy, custom, Office, CRM etc. apps). Users can access these applications remotely as if they are running them locally. The ARA application…


Upgrade those VMs to Premium Storage

Let’s say you have a production VM running in Azure. That’s pretty common these days and you find yourself monitoring them and thinking, gosh, I should be able to get more umph out of this thing. SSD the OS disk (and the data disks if needed) and life will get infinitely better! In fact, I’ve…


Retrieving Resource Metrics and Creating Alert Rules via Azure PowerShell

UPDATE: This post has been updated to use the new Azure Resource Manager (ARM) cmdlets released in March 2016. Azure Insights is intended to provide a coherent monitoring and alerting framework for all Azure resources. Michael Collier wrote a post describing how to retrieve Azure Insights metric data using the Azure Resource Manager Insights REST…


Troubleshooting Azure Resource Manager (ARM) PowerShell issues

My colleague Neil just did a great article on how to interact with the REST APIs directly.  When working with ARM via PowerShell it is also often useful to understand the actual REST requests that are being sent to the ARM APIs on your behalf.    Thankfully capturing this traffic from PowerShell is relatively simple.  The…


Using the Azure Resource Manager REST API

Microsoft Azure was released into public preview in 2008. A year later, the Azure Service Management (ASM) REST API was released to support the management of Azure PaaS cloud services and Azure Storage. Since then, the ASM control plane has been expanded to support the many new Azure services introduced in the last six years….


Monitoring and Alerting in Azure

The following features are provided to monitor Azure resources: Azure Status – portal showing status of all Azure services Service Health – information on health of Azure services Resource Health – information on health of Azure resources Audit Logs – outcome of management operations Metric Alerts – metric alerts created for Azure resources Azure Insights…


Azure Virtual Networks with ARM and PowerShell

Now that I do all of the things in ARM (classic is so old and smelly you see), I am starting to get the hang of my PowerShell foo. Recently, I began working on the networking track and needed to create a Point to Site VPN gateway into my secured VMs. There’s an excellent article…