Storage Account Replication with Functions and Event Grid

In this blog post we’re going to take a look at how we can create a serverless solution to enable a custom replication capability in Azure Storage. We’re going to be storing data in an Azure Blob Storage Account, and will use the newly released Event Grid service to enable replication using an Azure Function….


Azure Storage Account Security

There have been a number of recent high profile data exposures related to storage of data within cloud services. Often times data isn’t properly secured in these services, leaving sensitive data exposed and putting customers and businesses at risk. Azure Blob storage is a great method to cost effectively store data, from key/value pairs to…

Compressing your block blobs before storing them

It is true that Azure Block Blob storage is dirt cheap.   Why pay for storage though if you don’t have to?  Unfortunately the current storage SDK does not have compression built in.   If you’d like to leverage GZip to compress your blobs before putting them into your container it is pretty easy. I created a simple BlobStorage…