Windows Azure PDC Session Video Streams Available

Gus has posted a list of sessions from the PDC that covered Windows Azure along with links to each of their video streams that anyone can watch. Head over to his blog post here to see the list.


ASP.Net MVC on Windows Azure

Does ASP.Net MVC work on Windows Azure?  Have a look at Jim’s post:


Try Windows Azure Right Now

Want to try Windows Azure right now?  Install the following: Windows Azure SDK Windows Azure Tools for Microsoft Visual Studio This will give you a local version of the Fabric and Storage services (called the Development Fabric and Development Storage) that will allow you to build, run and debug your Cloud Services just as they…


Windows Azure Walkthrough: Table Storage

Jim posted a walkthrough on how to use the Windows Azure table storage service:


Helpful Posts when Getting Started with the Samples and Tools

Jim has posted a couple of posts on troubleshooting some issues you may run into when trying the Windows Azure SDK samples or when creating your first Cloud Service. Known Issues Using the Windows Azure SDK Samples in Visual Studio Cloud Service Templates vs Role Project Templates


Bookmarks: Windows Azure

Please note: These links will be coming online through the course of the day on October 27th.  We apologize for any broken links in the meantime.    Here’s a set of bookmarks that you’ll find useful as you ramp up and use Windows Azure. Windows Azure Cloud Computing Tools Technology Page Windows Azure Technology Page Windows Azure…


Getting Started: Windows Azure Tools for Microsoft Visual Studio

Windows Azure is the development, hosting, and management environment of the Azure Services Platform, which enables you to run applications at Internet scale while leveraging the skills and tools you use today. Windows Azure Tools for Microsoft Visual Studio extend Visual Studio to enable the creation, building, debugging, running, and packaging of scalable services on…