Multiple Cloud Service Configurations

Jim has just posted an article on a workaround you can use to support multiple configurations of your Windows Azure Cloud Service.

Created a Windows Azure Links page…

Gus has decided to create a single Windows Azure Links page instead of just doing individual posts with new links and having them all scattered across entries. Hopefully this will make it easier for folks to find more places to get information on Windows Azure, etc. Check out his post here.


Getting Log Files from Windows Azure

Jim posted a walkthrough on how to get the log files for your Cloud Service when it’s running on Windows Azure, you can piece together the info from the SDK docs and looking at the portal, but this walkthrough will streamline the experience for you.


Azure community links…

Gus has just posted a few links to sites working to share some Windows Azure content with other developers out there. Check it out here.


ASP.Net MVC Sample on Windows Azure with Providers

Jim just posted an update to his ASP.Net MVC on Windows Azure sample — which includes plugging in the sample ASP.Net Providers that run against the Windows Azure storage services. Note the workaround to an issue when running the sample hosted on Windows Azure.


Install blocked on Visual Studio SP1?

If you’re trying to install the Windows Azure Tools for Microsoft Visual Studio and setup is telling you to upgrade to Visual Studio SP1, see this post by Gus with the details on what to do.

Diagnosing Windows Azure Development Storage Issues

Jim posted some helpful information that Frank Siegemund wrote to respond to an issue someone was having on the forum.  Useful stuff when you are working with the Windows Azure Development storage services.  Check it out here.