Clip Art and Media welcomes NVTOfficeClips

We introduce our newest partner NVTOfficeClips available on the Microsoft Office Online Clip Art & Media website.

This selection is full of tessellated backgrounds, ferocious wildlife, auspicious icons, extreme sports, and enough screen-candy to blast your projects into a new world of ultra-cool exotica. And this is just the start of what NVTOfficeClips has to offer. Select the image below to see a selection of free NVTOfficeClips available on our website.

And don't forget about this new icon Icon for Higher Resolution and More Variety which represents higher resolution and more variety of available images. Clicking the icon takes you to NVTOfficeClips, where you can choose a higher resolution suiting your project's needs, and browse for other images if you feel like it. (Read more about this in our Higher Resolution / More Variety blog entry).

To see more free photography, illustration, sounds, and animations, for work and for play, select here to view our gallery of Clip Art & Media partners.

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  1. vivien el toukhy says:

    i need an image of a dime and a nickel and one cent

  2. fandee says:

    I’m a novice to this program, how do I get the pps

    power point program so that I can open e-mailed attachments?



  4. indersachdev says:

    awaiting your reply on my question what is clip art.

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