Anime and animations created in PowerPoint

I just came across these very cool anime-style illustrations and animations that a Korean high school student named Han Byul Jang created entirely in PowerPoint. 

According to, "Han Byul Jang is a rising star, PowerPoint artist and animator in Korea's PowerPoint Expert Club (An online PowerPoint Community). Also known as Zzangdol in the community, he can draw realistic anime characters (completely using PowerPoint's Freeform tool) and animate them all in PowerPoint."  The image below is an example of his work; there are many more on, including downloadable animations. 

So, I'm curious - have you ever used PowerPoint to create animations? Or for that matter, have you used any Office applications to create illustrations, comics etc?
If so, tell us all about it and show it off ! Just leave a comment to this post with a URL to your masterpiece šŸ™‚

(c) Zzangdol

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  1. Ted Johnson says:

    I use Articulate software and there are two good posts on their blogs about using clipart for elearning.

    Here’s one on creating Flash animations in PowerPoint using clip art.

    Here’s one on using clip art for elearning scenarios.

  2. Nina says:

    I have never drawn anything like that, but I have drawn people, murals, lots. In addition to talent, one needs a special type of art simulator software. Otherwise, it would take me years to draw and color with a keyboard and a mouse. Either way, one needs a great deal of talent to create a character like the above animation.

  3. Tracy Stafford says:

    I’ve been a Sunday School teacher for years and I started making animated PPTs for my class years ago as well.  I do not draw, but rather pull in images and then modify them slightly using power image control applications – displaying the original and changed images page after page to give the "animation" effect.  Much like you would draw in a small notepad book and then flip through the pages to watch it "animate".  Adding sounds and clips of course is useful.

  4. Michelle K says:

    I just learned how to use freeform.  i feel like a dork.  i did a trace of the united states to practice.  it was fun.  very time consuming.  i am not a natural drawing artist.  but it helps me to know that when i have an idea in my head i can get basic shapes and other forms and put them together to trace my drawing in my mind onto ‘paper’.

    i think i’d rather invest in a ‘digital notepad’ so i can do it ‘by hand’ with the ‘pen’ instead of the mouse, that way i can take it with me and take my time to perfect.  

    i like that i can start ‘here’ before having the need to graduate to corel draw or adobe illustrator.

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  6. Lee says:

    I love PowerPoint for….Christmas Parties, Class Reunions, Weddings, Meetings and for Laughs!

    People think I am brillant because of PowerPoint!!

  7. Syahz says:

    That was a brilliant animation! And produced just using Powerpoint! I never knew that people can do a lot of things using Powerpoint. It’s really inspiring.

  8. Rhodora Villarin says:

    I need it because it would be a great help for making a presentaion

  9. Leslie J Reddeman says:

    Google "Prince of PowerPoint". His website should pop up. His anime in PowerPoint is unbelievable!

  10. Blastoons says:

    Iā€™m a member of the PwerPointHeaven group and I also use Powerpoint to make movies. In fact, one of these pieces showcased on the pptheaven channel (a short film which I made entirely in Powerpoint, called "Joiners") has been selected in the top 10 in Youtube’s Project:Direct contest!  The winner is determined by Youtube user votes. If anyone’s reading this before Friday January 3 at 11:59pm (when the voting closes), please support me by voting for it to win!

    The voting site is (you have to go there and have a Youtube account to vote):

    Once there, click on the "Vote" button then choose the thumbnail of "Joiners" that appears (if it doesn’t appear, push the ">" tabs until it does). Then the green thumbs-up sign to vote.

    Thanks, and I encourage any powerpoint animation lovers to please support me!

  11. Maria Thomas says:

    Need help to create power point documents

  12. Maria Thomas says:

    I would need help to create forms with clip art included.

  13. cod5 no sound says:

    after the patch it worked just fine.

  14. Guadalu says:

    How can i get into powerpoint because i dont really know i just got it !!! plz answer me back šŸ™‚

  15. Rose Brunt'Pertile says:

    No,never have used this. But I want to learn how to.

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