Make your own coloring book for free with clip art

It’s easy to make coloring pages for kids using clip art and Word; you can just edit the clips to make them black and white. Here’s how:

Here’s a good style for this project:



This style is unsuitable for this project:



Step 2:

Create a new Word document and insert the clips in it

Step 3:

Resize the clips to the size you want them to print them at, and place them as you want them to display when to print them. It’s important that you do this before editing the clip, because it will be much more complicated afterwards.

Tip: if you want to display only one image per page, insert a page break after each image (Insert > Page break)

Step 4:

Select the clip you want to edit and right-click it; click Edit picture

Step 5:

Select a part of the image; right-click and select Format Autoshape. Under Fill, select color and pick the white swatch. Under Line, select color and pick the black swatch. Repeat for each image part until everything is black and white.

Step 6:

if you want to put a caption under the images, you can easily do this with text boxes (Insert > Text box).

That’s it! You’re ready to print your own free, custom coloring book!


For additional ideas see also: Customize your Clip Art with Word 2007 -- Friday, June 19, 2009.

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  1. Carol in Annandale, Virginia says:

    That’s a fun idea! Good instructions on how to make your own coloring book pages.

    This idea can also be used to make applique’ templates for sewing crafts.

  2. Linnea says:

    Do you know of any ways to take JPG files and reduce them to simple lines like this without using a photo editing program like Photoshop? I’d be glad to try it…

  3. maylia says:

    how do you actually MAKE a coloring book

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  5. aleixs says:

    thanks for the info!!!!!!!!!!!111

  6. nicole says:

    that is the best idea my children love it so much!*

  7. Kristen says:

    Thanks a lot this will be fun to make!!!!!=) =D =O =B =P ;i 🙂

  8. Picture of a plain book to color.  

  9. h8i says:

    i loved i i mean who events something better than this its awsome

  10. Mr.Dale says:

    I Love you Charliegh and I Hope you keep this book forever!

         Love your Brother

                Wyatt Lewis

  11. Background and ideas: A previous blog entry discusses Word 2007’s ability to turn downloaded clip art

  12. Garry Trinder says:

    Make your own coloring book, Part 2: (Customize your Clip Art with Word 2007)

    Building on this blog entry: ungroup and re-group clip art shapes, create a scene, and/or integrate edited clip art with existing Word 2007 documents, themes, and effects.

  13. victoria says:

    this is so awesome you should try it because it’s fun and so awesome oh sorry i said that again well you should try believe me

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  15. maggi says:

    i love this web site you should try it

  16. Eilena says:

    I couldn’t get it to work.  It was very disappointing.

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