Showing summary data with crosstab queries

A new query help topic just went live on Office Online: Make summary data easier to read by using a crosstab query


Five Visual How To demos

Our user assistance team is starting to put together some cool “how to” articles with web cast demos. You might find these useful and interesting: Adding (All) Options to Combo Boxes or List Boxes in Access 2007Adding Tabs and Controls to the Office Fluent Ribbon in Access 2007Creating User Prompts in Access 2007Displaying Custom Dialog…


Access Best Practices Guidelines

Recently a MCS consultant asked the following question on an internal Access Discussion alais: My customer is looking for either a document on ‘general best practices when using Access 2003’ and/or a document on ‘best practices for coding in Access 2003.’  Before I sit down and start trying to create the documents from scratch, I’m…


Tips and tricks for designing forms and reports – part 3

This is the final post of a three part series on Access Tips and Tricks provided by members of the Access team. This article focuses on non-obvious things new to the forms and report designers. The other articles in this series covered useful keyboard commands and a general topic on new databases, the nav pane,…


My favorite Access keyboard commands – part 2

I have a confession to make… I started hacking around in computers with Windows 3.1—never learned how to really use the command line. I know—I have fallen from grace for many of you developers. The mouse has been my friend. I’m trying to change and use keyboard shortcuts more often. Here is a list of…


Tips and tricks from the Access team – part 1

I have been working on a three part series of non-obvious tips and tricks for using Access 2007. The other series will be on designing forms and reports and my favorite keyboard shortcuts. I put together a rough draft of this series and sent it around to the Access team. Fortunately, many team members responded with some…