Silverlight resources post by ScottGu

Scott Guthrie has a truly great post on Silverlight. You should be able to find anything you need to start ramping up–very cool, innovative technology! As a developer, it is definitely worth your time to get educated on the possiblities.


Microsoft shows new database technology at MIX – Information Week article

Interesting article that speculates about a potential “SQL Server Live” offering from Microsoft. “In a session called “Accessing Data Services in the Cloud,” Microsoft announced a programming model and related hosted service referred to as Project Astoria. Astoria is a set of downloadable bits built on top of a part of a Microsoft data access…


7 Rules for Productive Brainstorming

Yesterday I was kicking around campus, dropping off fliers about my wife’s resume service on bulletin boards. My 3-year-old loves to go to work with Dad and drink chocolate milk, write on the whiteboards, and play chase through the halls. Anyway, she starts drawing on a whiteboard in a conference room, and I notice seven…


I’m thinking about a Samsung BlackJack

I’m joining my wife’s Cingular plan and need to get a new phone. The IPhone looks very cool but I have concerns about it running on the slower GSM network and the durability of the case. The Samsung BlackJack looks pretty slick and I wouldn’t get harassed around campus for packing an IPhone. Here is…