Three weeks in the King County Courthouse

I recently had the opportunity to serve as a juror for 3 weeks in the King County Courthouse. The defendant was a 25-year-old male charged with 13 counts of vehicle theft, possession of meth, bail jumping, trafficking of stolen property, shop lifting, possession of stolen property, and driving on a suspended license. Serving on a…


10 ways to get better gas mileage

The last couple days I have started driving differently after reading an article on msn about Get 50 mpg — in your own car. The article provides advice for wring out the last little bit of distance from your tank of gas by following 10 tips from hypermilers (the art of wringing every ounce of…


Resume best practices revealed

Over the past 6 months, I reviewed an overwhelming number of resumes from jobseekers interested in joining my team. After a exhaustive search, we’re excited to have found a great fit for the team – Ryan from M7 Database. During the process of identifying candidates with potential, I was most surprised at how quickly jobseekers…


Toyota business lessons about humility, elegant solutions, and simplicity

I came across a couple of good articles about Toyota improving its designs and innovation process. Business Week, for example, recently published “Fighting to Stay Humble”. “To be satisfied with becoming the top runner, and to become arrogant, is the path we must be most fearful of,” That shakeup gives Watanabe a fleeting feeling of satisfaction….


Protecting our children – a letter from Luke Chung

Some of you might know Luke Chung, the president of FMS and popular speaker at Access conferences. He sent me a letter last week that I wanted to share with my blog friends. This doesn’t relate to technology or Microsoft Access but as a father, I think it is an important message.  ____________________________________________________________ Hi Everyone,…


I’m thinking about a Samsung BlackJack

I’m joining my wife’s Cingular plan and need to get a new phone. The IPhone looks very cool but I have concerns about it running on the slower GSM network and the durability of the case. The Samsung BlackJack looks pretty slick and I wouldn’t get harassed around campus for packing an IPhone. Here is…


I have a new job

In January 1998, I joined Microsoft as the ship PM for Access 97 SP1. My career has gone on to include working on Access and 2002 data access pages, SharePoint extensibility and the Web Part Framework, and most recently, Access 2007. IMHO Access 2007 is the most innovative release in years, and lays the foundation…


Up to my neck in sand

If you are strolling down a sandy beach on a remote island and come across someone being buried up to their neck in sand by two beautiful little girls, it is likely me. Take a minute to introduce yourself but don’t bring up Microsoft Office Access because I’m on vacation. It was a long hard release…


Office Live and my wife’s resume service home business

Three years ago my wife Taunya retired from Microsoft (she worked in Corp Analysis Relations) to pursue a new career — mom. She has certainly found the experience rewarding and a great opportunity to develop the mind of a precocious young lady. Six months ago, we added to her workload with another beautiful little girl….


My blogging frequency

I haven’t posted much for a while–things on the Access team have been really busy. My team has been working on generating lots of new templates which has really kept me busy. I’m going to make a effort to post a little more to this blog and try to keep people updated on new content…