Silverlight resources post by ScottGu

Scott Guthrie has a truly great post on Silverlight. You should be able to find anything you need to start ramping up–very cool, innovative technology! As a developer, it is definitely worth your time to get educated on the possiblities.


Security Considerations and Guidance for Access 2007 – MSDN article

There is a new article by Access MVP Garry Robinson. “Find out how you can use Access 2007 to protect the information in your databases. Learn about encrypting files, administering passwords, converting databases to the new ACCDB and ACCDE formats, and using other security options such as SQL Server. (18 printed pages)”


The runtime will ship May 15th

I just heard from Erik that the runtime will ship as a free download on May 15th! I will post a URL to the download page when it is available. Enjoy!


Tip on renamed field names and debugging reports

Today’s Guest Writer: Tony Toews, Microsoft Access MVP I have a complex report with 5 grouping levels, subtotals, and three subreports for additional details of totals. There are also lots of calculated fields on the report with embedded control names. I had to rename some fields in the base query as I had to insert some…


Reader question about macros and VBA

A reader recently asked: Is there any way on Access 2007 to keep wizards and Switchboard Manager coding in VBA, any way developers “HAVE” to code for most applications.If a customer is buying an apllication from us, he is not going to trust what he bought?.Switchboard manager was great in its code handling. Good question….


How to pull in Amazon web service data into Access 2007

Today’s guest writer is Ric Lewis. Several weeks ago he started a general discussion about web services which turned out to be a popular post. This week he is providing the details of the books sample database. It would be sweet if someone takes this project and details it out a bit further. For example, you…


Cool As Ice uses Office Live and Access 2007 with custom ribbon

Alan Cossey recently sent me a overview of how Cool As Ice is using Office Live and Access to track process information. He has found a couple bugs we will fix in SP 1 but overall it is working nicely for them. I thought some of you might appreciate seeing what others are doing with Access 2007….


VBA Functions and RunCommand code samples sites

I recently came across in an internal newsgroup a couple great sites that provide lots of code samples for expressions and runcommands. You might find this useful. Terry Wickenden’s web site has lots of examples of RunCommands: Brendan Reynolds has a great blog where he researched what functions can be used outside of the…


Tips and tricks for designing forms and reports – part 3

This is the final post of a three part series on Access Tips and Tricks provided by members of the Access team. This article focuses on non-obvious things new to the forms and report designers. The other articles in this series covered useful keyboard commands and a general topic on new databases, the nav pane,…


My favorite Access keyboard commands – part 2

I have a confession to make… I started hacking around in computers with Windows 3.1—never learned how to really use the command line. I know—I have fallen from grace for many of you developers. The mouse has been my friend. I’m trying to change and use keyboard shortcuts more often. Here is a list of…