Good writing tips for developers forced to write marketing content

There is a good article on A List Apart about how to generate interest and describe the business value for software. What I like most is the use of examples. A lot of web copy is written by copywriters who aren’t trained in writing for the web—and much of the rest is written by people who…


Driving good profits through design and customer feedback

Culture of Design In the last three years, I have seen Microsoft’s design culture shift to tackle hairy design challenges that are rooted in legacy tradition. Business Week recently acknowledged the positive changes at Microsoft in the article, The Soul of a New Microsoft. For Microsoft Office, Jensen Harris and Julie Larson-Green both had a…


Resume best practices revealed

Over the past 6 months, I reviewed an overwhelming number of resumes from jobseekers interested in joining my team. After a exhaustive search, we’re excited to have found a great fit for the team – Ryan from M7 Database. During the process of identifying candidates with potential, I was most surprised at how quickly jobseekers…


When customer support goes wrong

Customer experience impacts a product or service’s overall success in the marketplace —just one reason that I invest time in this blog. Customers are quick to share their positive and negative experiences with others, thus enabling or hindering adoption. Recently, my wife had a negative customer experience with a major PC manufacture. In her fury,…


The race to build affordable cars

I’m from a family of six. At one point, my parents had 5 kids living at home going to college. Money was tight and everyone needed to drive a car to work and school (we lived in the sticks). My dad bought a fleet of Chevy Sprints and kept us all in wheels. When one broke he cycled…


Toyota business lessons about humility, elegant solutions, and simplicity

I came across a couple of good articles about Toyota improving its designs and innovation process. Business Week, for example, recently published “Fighting to Stay Humble”. “To be satisfied with becoming the top runner, and to become arrogant, is the path we must be most fearful of,” That shakeup gives Watanabe a fleeting feeling of satisfaction….