The runtime is available for download

Thanks for your continued patience. The runtime download is available again. Microsoft Office Access Runtime 2007 There is a known bug where reports don’t work in ADPs. We are working on a QFE for the issue. I will let you know when more information is available for that issue. We couldn’t get the issue fixed in this…


Access Runtime is on Hold

There is more information coming shortly.Unfortunately, I’m on jury duty for the next three weeks and will not be able to provide updates. FWIW – I haven’t worked on the runtime project, so my jury duty won’t effect availability. The Access blog will post any information as soon as it is available. Edited 7/26.


The runtime download is available for FREE!

I’m happy to announce the runtime is finally done and for the first time ever–available as a free download! Microsoft Office Access Developer Extensions 2007Microsoft Office Access Runtime 2007 Once again, sorry for the delay and the problems it caused for some businesses. It is great to feel like I can blog again without a…


Runtime update

I’m truly sorry that this is dragging on longer than I ever expected. Am I frustrated?  Yes. Just before the runtime was to be released a critical bug in setup was found that caused setup to not install on random machines. Multiple attempts to fix the issue failed but we are hopeful the last one…


Access Best Practices Guidelines

Recently a MCS consultant asked the following question on an internal Access Discussion alais: My customer is looking for either a document on ‘general best practices when using Access 2003’ and/or a document on ‘best practices for coding in Access 2003.’  Before I sit down and start trying to create the documents from scratch, I’m…


Hot fixes for three Access 2007 issues

I noticed the Access Junkie just posted a few links to KB articles that describe hot fixes for some blocking issues. Here are the highlights (or um, low lights): ADP PerfWhen you try to run a Microsoft Access project (.adp) in Access 2007, the project may run slowly. Or, the project may take longer than…


Hold the runtime download page

Quick update on the runtime ship date–the test team found a recall class bug in setup that will cause us to slip the schedule by a couple weeks. I will let you know if I hear anything different. Sorry for the delay.


Security Considerations and Guidance for Access 2007 – MSDN article

There is a new article by Access MVP Garry Robinson. “Find out how you can use Access 2007 to protect the information in your databases. Learn about encrypting files, administering passwords, converting databases to the new ACCDB and ACCDE formats, and using other security options such as SQL Server. (18 printed pages)”


The runtime will ship May 15th

I just heard from Erik that the runtime will ship as a free download on May 15th! I will post a URL to the download page when it is available. Enjoy!


Help topic for beginning users to understand the basics of an Access database

I expect many readers of this blog frequently work with IWs that want to learn more about Access. Here is a new help topic designed to ramp up people on the following core Access: Understand the basics of an Access database See details about the objects in a database Explore a table in Design view…