Do you like the new navigation pane?

The team is considering some refinements to the navigation pane. What do you like about the changes? How would you like to see it improved? If we added an OM would you use it? Do you use the new tables and views mode?  I have a feeling there will be a number of comments on…


Tell me about your ribbon app – get a FREE copy of Access 2007 Inside Out

I’m interested in learning more about how developers are using the ribbon to build data applications, particularly design strategies that mix or separate navigation (open form) and application commands (cut/copy/paste, filter by selection, toggle filter, etc). I have a FREE copy of John Viescas and Jeff Conrad’s excellent work Microsoft Office Access 2007 Inside Out for…


Domain functions usage

Can you tell me about your usage of domain functions? Do you use them and what are the scenarios where you find them useful? Any way you would like to see them improved?

Tell me about your Inventory application

Sorry I haven’t posted for a few weeks. I recently took an enjoyable NCL cruise with ports in Costa Maya, Santo Tomas De Castilla, Belize, and Cozumel. It was rewarding to spend a week playing hard with my lovely two little girls and Taunya. Love that!! Back to work… As I have mentioned in previous…


How to improve the visuals of Access applications

I’m interested in what limitations you have experienced in trying to make your Access application look more modern. What are the limitations of Access forms and reports that keep you from creating applications that look like Web 2.0 apps? Some of the things I was thinking about include: MouseIn and MouseOut events The ability to…


Web service and sample book database that uses Amazon’s Web Services

Today’s guest writer is Access Program Manager Ric Lewis. Ric spent the last couple years with the Indigo team and just took an Access PM job. He is looking for some customer feedback on interesting web services scenarios. To start the conversation—he created an interesting and useful sample book database that uses the Amazon web service. Clint Media…