UA articles on SharePoint integration

The end-user UA team just published three new articles on SharePoint integration. Control which forms and reports are available on a SharePoint site Create Access forms and reports from a SharePoint list Track and view version information for SharePoint list items Enjoy!


Access 2007 Runtime information

I keep getting pinged on this topic–so let me share what information I can. There will be a Access 2007 runtime. The team is finishing up the work right now. It will support creating a runtime setup, saving a db to a template ACCDT, and SourceSafe integration. There are people working hard to get this work…


You Tube video blog on data collection

Steve Zaske posted a blog on data collection a while back. Nice to see folks catching on to this useful feature. Here is the URL to his original blog post BTW – I’m surprised nobody has responded to my post on How do you use Access? There are almost 2,000 readers of this blog. You…


How do you use Access?

I was browsing Business Week last week and noticed a BlackBerry ad asking people to tell them what they do with their BlackBerry. I like effort to get to know their customers–something you can never understand with enough clarity. In the Access world it is tough because we have so many different customers doing a variety of different things. Right…


I’m thinking about a Samsung BlackJack

I’m joining my wife’s Cingular plan and need to get a new phone. The IPhone looks very cool but I have concerns about it running on the slower GSM network and the durability of the case. The Samsung BlackJack looks pretty slick and I wouldn’t get harassed around campus for packing an IPhone. Here is…


The 20 Most Innovative Products of the Year – Office 2007 Tops PC Worlds List!

When we started talking about the ribbon everyone knew it was a huge bet. It is nice to get some props! Here is what they have to say: “Innovation? Microsoft? Yes, we were surprised, too, but the Redmond giant’s latest upgrade of the world’s most popular productivity suite introduces several new features that revolutionize how…


Wall Street Journal’s (Walt Mossberg) take on the ribbon

Walt Mossberg an often critical voice about Microsoft products has published his review of the ribbon in the Wall Street Journal. There is also a video of his recap He didn’t cover anything about Access but had some nice things to say about Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Here are a few interesting quotes:…


I have a new job

In January 1998, I joined Microsoft as the ship PM for Access 97 SP1. My career has gone on to include working on Access and 2002 data access pages, SharePoint extensibility and the Web Part Framework, and most recently, Access 2007. IMHO Access 2007 is the most innovative release in years, and lays the foundation…


History of Microsoft vocabulary tag cloud

Todd Bishop from the The Seattle PI recently put together an interesting series of cloud tags with 64 of the most commonly used words in key Microsoft-related speeches, interviews, internal e-mails and other documents from the past three decade. I particularly like the October 2005: Ray Ozzie Memo, “The Internet Services Disruption.” cloud. He…