Fall Advisor Summit on Access and SharePoint in Miami

Interested in spending a week in Miami learning more about Access, SharePoint and the latest .NET advancements? The Advisor Summit on Microsoft Access at the Doral Resort & Spa is going to be a fun event. I have always enjoyed the great conferences put on by the Advisor folks. They have a good conference in the works for September 30th through October 4th. Here is a list of the Access sessions available:


Advisor Jumpstart SQL – Alison Balter
Take an Access Database to the Web – Part I – Joe Stockman
Take an Access Database to the Web – Part II – Mike Groh and Joe Stockman
Intranet/Web Development


Making Sense of Access 2007’s Security Model – Alison Balter
Access Form Tips and Tricks – Joe Stockman
Answer Business Questions with Access Queries – Andy Baron
Tips and Techniques for Taking Over an Existing Access Application – Luke Chung
Who Needs VBA? Create Complete Access 2007 Applications Using Only Macros! – Andy Baron
Delivering Better Access Solutions with FMS Tools and Techniques – Luck Chung


Integrate SharePoint and Access 2007 – Alison Balter
Customize the Access 2007 Ribbon – Ken Getz
Join Data with Multi-Value Fields in Access 2007 – Peter Vogel
Data Access with VBA – Mike Groh
Use Microsoft Access as a Client-Server Development Tool – Alison Balter
Get to Know the Transact-SQL Features in SQL Server 2005 – Andy Baron


Access Reporting Tips and Tricks – Luke Chung
Office 2007 Automation: Using Access VBA with Word, Excel, and Outlook – Joe Stockman
Access Error Handling and Debugging – Joe Stockman
Deploy Access 2007 Applications and More Using the Developer Extensions – Peter Vogal

Comments (2)

  1. tom says:

    This is the worst version of Access since 1995.  Now I discover that queries no longer have a subdatasheet dialog box.  (Yes, I know they have problems, but I need to use them anyway.  Yes, I know there are other more difficult ways of doing this) And I have to suffer through 10 crashes a day.  Not to mention the very long list of reproducible bugs I have created (all submitted to MS , with no response or fix.)

    Why would anyone want to train on this version?  It’s professional suicide.

    For the record, I been programming in Access 2007 nearly every day since its release.  I’ve been using Access since version 1.  2007 is a fiasco.  It is not a quality product, and functions worse than a beta 1 release.  A huge embarrassment for MS.  High sales is no indicator of quality.  It’s an indicator of market hype and MS distortions.

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