The runtime is available for download

Thanks for your continued patience. The runtime download is available again.

Microsoft Office Access Runtime 2007

There is a known bug where reports don't work in ADPs. We are working on a QFE for the issue. I will let you know when more information is available for that issue. We couldn't get the issue fixed in this build due to some Office patching limitations.


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  1. The Access 2007 runtime is available for download

  2. The 2007 Access Runtime is finally available as a free download.

  3. Alan Cossey says:


    1) Excellent.

    2) What’s a QFE, please?

    Alan Cossey

  4. Periodat says:

    Lang verwacht, toch gekomen. Thanks a lot!

  5. Peter Wouters says:

    Pff… After checking this blog  & Access runtime 2007 download links daily, I hope I can finally deliver my customers what I promised them months ago …. (Based on Microsoft-info). With all respect : I realy hope this download was worth the wait and stress. Will start evaluation on test-pc’s immediatly.

  6. Vladimir Cvajniga says:

    When will Czech version be available?

  7. Vladimir Cvajniga says:

    To Alan Cossey:

    QFE = Quick Fix Engineering (Microsoft)


  8. Ulf Winkler says:

    thanks thanks thanks

  9. pw says:

    Great for the runtime. Do you know when will the fix for this issue be available? This feature is exectly what I need the runtime for.

  10. hermawih says:

    I have tried it.  So far so good with our program running on window XP.  We have a problem running it on Window Vista.

    We are still trying to find a way running it on Window Vista.  Any tips on how to run Ms Access 2007 on Win Vista?

    Thank you.  

  11. Sascha Trowitzsch says:

    Hi Clint,

    I read the Runtime-EULA several times now, but I am still confused:

    Does Microsoft permit to distrubute the Runtime 2007 along with database applications developed with Access 2003 oder earlier (mdbs)? This would suspend the necessity to buy the Developer Extensions for distributing MDBs.

    Or does it require to develop databases under Access 2007 full version?

    In between there are some questions in NGs related to this circumstance which need to be clarified.

    Thanx, Sascha

  12. Holger says:

    Hi Clint,

    thanks for your work on this site!

    A few questions:

    1. when will a german Runtime-version be available?

    2. how is it possible to allow VBA-Code in Runtime? Most of our customers have Stand-alone-PCs without an administrator and the user has not much IT-knowledge. Must every Runtime-User know what security in this case means? (Our Hotline-workers wont be happy about this)

    3. why is the "Access-options"-button in Office-Menu not available?

    Thanks for any answers, Holger

  13. Peter Russell says:

    (Repost of Q)

    Does the Access runtime installation include the license for pdf and xps exports on a machine which does not have Office, or will the target machine still need an office license for these components to be distributed?

  14. hermawih says:

    Hi Clint,

    I found out that right-click on the run time version is not  available.  

    As already reported by Holger, the "Access-options"-button in Office-Menu is not available?  I believe that this should be made available for setting the security (Trusted location by the users)

    Usually, I break up an application into several sub systems and then call those sub systems from the main program.  One of the problem with Ribbon is that if I created Ribbon on any sub system, the ribbon on the sub system can’t be seen. ( the problem is on Access – not only on the run time version).  Well I am not sure if this is the problem with Ms Access 2007 or because I haven’t found out the way to do it.  

    Thank you.


  15. Not trying to steel Clint’s thunder in answering all these questions. Just a small suggestion for the users having specific concerns…it might be beneficial to ask these questions in a Forum designed for user support e.g.

    This would free up Clint’s time and you should get a response from other forum members as quickly as possible.

  16. Thanks for all the questions. We will try to put together an FAQ on the questions above. It might be a few days as people working on the runtime are taking a few days off for much needed rest. I will get back to you when we have some answers.

  17. Winkel says:

    What’s new in THIS version. It’s look binary-identical with the previous one, publiched at 25 June.

  18. Sascha Trowitzsch says:

    Winkel, I think that just the setup procedure changed (msi).

    The files an components themselves are dated Okt. 2006 which meens they are exactly the same ones as in the full product.

  19. Robert Winkler (Winkel) says:

    I’m understand, that application core files are identical with the Access 2007.

    I don’t understand why Runtime build at 16 June, published at 25 June and pulled at 26 June was published now once again without any changes.

  20. Curtis says:

    Is the issue of 2007 and 2002 incompatibility being addressed? Runtime or full version 2007 you then can not use 2002 to open your DB’s designed in 2002.

  21. SWR says:


    Try to do this (for example):

    You have a machine (XP SP2) with (only) Office 2000 (Access 2000) installed where you usually run Access 2000 databases.  Then – on this machine – run a setup which was created with the 2007 extensions (including the 2007 Runtime). Start the new solution – it will work fine – and close it. Then run any 2000 database with Access 2000 – no code will be executed. Only a "Repair" will make Access 2000 databases run again. As soon as you use the Runtime again, no Access 2000 database will work until you make a "Repair" on Access 2000. After having the Runtime removed, everything is fine again.

    So, if you want to use Access 2000 databases running with Access 2000, do not install the Runtime 2007. Should be tested with Access 2003, too.

    And this is NOT the known problem when switching between different Access versions . . .

    Best Regards

    Stephan (Berlin, Germany)

  22. Sascha Trowitzsch says:

    Sorry, but the runtime seems to be really buggy – at least when used on german windows.

    Many ACCDBs, that run without a hassle on full version (and are fully compiled), don’t work. Runtime complains that it can’t find some (obscure) macros. Even MS Northwind07 can’t start!

    Hope, that the FAQ will bring some light into this…

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