The runtime download is available for FREE!

I'm happy to announce the runtime is finally done and for the first time ever--available as a free download!

Microsoft Office Access Developer Extensions 2007
Microsoft Office Access Runtime 2007

Once again, sorry for the delay and the problems it caused for some businesses. It is great to feel like I can blog again without a deluge of "where is the runtime" questions. I have already seen an 8 page post mortem talking about what went wrong and how we can learn from this experience. 

Enjoy developing and deploying Access applications.

Edit June 26th. Ug--The runtime was pulled this afternoon. More information should be coming on the Access Blog.

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  1. Chris Bartley says:

    Well done! Must be quite a relief – you can start sleeping again 🙂

  2. Clint, what are the obvious caveats for developers using the runtime. Should it ever be installed on machines running earlier versions of Office? etc  Is this explained in the release

  3. Het heeft even geduurd, maar Clint heeft op zijn blog de Access Runtime aangekondigd: I’m happy to announce…

  4. Vladimir Cvajniga says:

    Will Czech version be available soon?

  5. Michael Kornreder says:

    Will there be localized versions? I`m specially interested in a german version.

  6. Alan Cossey says:

    Excellent news!

  7. Rex Withers says:

    Thanks for your dedication and excellent communication

  8. McPegasus says:

    Thank you very much, coming out and trying.


  9. SteelDeer says:

    Thank you Clint for everything, Great Job

  10. Anastasia says:



    Well done Clint. Thank you guys for working so diligently.

  11. Tim says:

    Awesome! Many thanks to you and your team Clint.

  12. Andy W says:

    Thanks guys, especially making it free as this can now open alot of doors for me and my business.

  13. Jax says:

    Thanks so much….  been waiting on this for a long time and just by chance thought I’d look in this morning to see if there’s any progress…

    It’s a brilliant solution and provides the means for Access to expand it’s use in the business world!

  14. Kirby says:

    o/ Woo Hoo! Thanks for your hard work! o/

    This is why I got 07

  15. Thanks for all the comments. It is great to see everyone so excited about using it. I have wondered why the demand was so much stronger than years before… Possible reasons include

    1. It’s free and we all like free stuff.

    2. Trusted locations remove the digital signing need.

    3. Features in 2007 that make developing a db easier.

    4.. There was someone to ask about it–I don’t know where you would have asked in the past…

    5. Some of you are just looking for opportunities to poke at me :-).

    Localize builds will come but it will take a few months… There is a fair amount of work and testing that needs to happen.

  16. Fernando Oliveira says:

    Only one thing missing (besides localization): some kind of manual… on-line help…

  17. Josh Stone says:

    AWESOME!! Now I can distribute my apps! Thanks soooo much!

  18. wrmosca says:

    Poking at you might be pushed up the list a bit. :O)

    Thanks for the news, Clint. I’m especially excited about the developer’s extensions. VSS is a great thing to have during development. And I’m dying to try out the template-making feature.

  19. pw says:

    Thanks. I have been able to stretch my deadline till this friday, and  I’ve been stretching it for few months now, and finally it’s here… : )

    You’ve made me and many of my customers very happy.

    Thanks one more time….

  20. Martin G says:

    It is great to see so many happy people here, but what can I do as a german customer? We have pushed our deadlines like everybody and really counted on the June deadline and now we have to wait another few months? I simply couldn’t belive it…

  21. Chris D. says:

    It’s free?????  You mean…I can take my Access 2007 apps and turn them into royalty free runtimes that I can distribute without paying Microsoft more money?????


    It’s free?????

  22. Terrell says:

    In a quick test, I tried to open a report in layout view via code (DoCmd.OpenReport stDocName, acViewLayout) and the screen was just white.  

    It looks like we may not be able to work with forms and reports in layout view in the runtime?

    Has anyone seen a list of what is and is not available in the runtime version?

  23. Mark H. says:

    Many thanks for the runtime, and I’m *very* glad to see that Microsoft continues to support Access development — it is truly a unique and powerful platform. It’s also excellent that I don’t have to shell-out an "extra" $800 to get it!  : )

  24. kennethj says:

    Is there a reason the Runtime download page can’t be found?  Message is:

    "The download you requested is unavailable. If you continue to see this message when trying to access this download, go to the "Search for a Download" area on the Download Center home page. "

  25. Steve S says:

    When I follow the link to Microsoft Office Access Runtime 2007 I get

    The download you requested is unavailable. If you continue to see this message when trying to access this download, go to the "Search for a Download" area on the Download Center home page.

  26. Vladimir Cvajniga says:

    "Localize builds will come but it will take a few months…"

    Another few months… :'(

  27. Vladimir Cvajniga says:

    To Chris D.:

    Access Runtime was always free.

    ODE, ADT, etc. was not free. But now, ADE is free! That’s big difference.

    Hmmm, isn’t that just because it’s coming too late after final Office 2007 release? 😉

    Anyway, thx for any free software. If only MS Office 2007 was cheaper… In Czech Republic it costs >12 900 CZK (>600 USD). 🙁

  28. Vladimir Cvajniga says:

    To Steve S:

    Same here: "The download you requested is unavailable. …"

  29. Neal says:

    Where did the download go?

  30. kjm87 says:

    The download page for the runtime was there yesterday. It is unavailable now. Too popular??

    Separate question:

    Part of the developer Extensions is Source Code Control. Is there any way to automate the commands on the Source Control tab?

    Get Latest Version of everything would be most useful because if would allow automation of a build & package process.



  31. Mike says:

    The runtime engine is not available from MS Access website yet.  ?  where is it?

  32. Mike says:

    The runtime engine is not available from MS Access website yet.  ?  where is it?

  33. John says:

    The Microsoft Office Access 2007 Runtime is not out yet.

    Please view official message from MS website:

  34. Access says:

    Recién estreno mi máquina virtual de Microsoft Virtual PC probando un producto esperado desde hace tiempo,

  35. Gabriel G says:

    Here is the download, and here it’s not. What is this? Where is the download? Not enough space on HDD?

  36. too bad says:

    too bad,  …. I’m still waiting….

  37. AL says:

    Use the first link at the top of this page.  The download is still there.  However, it’s not all roses…

    This install wizard is much less powerful than the previous edition.  And the documentation is not the least bit helpful, as you will soon see.

    I would rather pay a few hundred dollars and get a product that works, and has all the required features, bells and whistles.

    I hope some 3rd party steps in to do it right.

  38. jm says:

    Using DAO or ADO for Access 2007 developer extension and runtime?


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