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Recently a MCS consultant asked the following question on an internal Access Discussion alais:

My customer is looking for either a document on 'general best practices when using Access 2003' and/or a document on 'best practices for coding in Access 2003.'  Before I sit down and start trying to create the documents from scratch, I'm wondering if anyone is aware of any documents that already exist that might fit the bill.

The following articles were recommended: 

What articles would you add to the list?

Edited June 12, 2007 to fix URL to the Jet article.

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  1. Anders Andersen, Norway says:

    Any news on the Access 2007 runtime? I hope you Microsoft guys realize that there are developers with deadlines all around the globe, desperately awaiting the runtime.

  2. zz, Croatia says:

    I’m also waiting for Access 2007 runtime? Could you at least give us your deadlines for it so that we can adjust ours? : )

  3. Second and third link point to the same url. Could you plese check this?

    Many thanks

  4. Rocker Tatham says:

    Okay forget the runtime. A month ago you said 2 weeks. No offense but the richest company in the world can get this done? Or is it because the big marketing push is over and now on to Office 2010?

  5. Albert D. Kallal says:

    Quite a good list of links. Tony’s performance faq here is another gem I would recommend:

    Albert D. Kallal

    Edmonton, Alberta Canada

  6. Mike McElhaney says:

    Thanks for the info!

  7. Fred Boer says:


    Ok, so it’s disingenuous of me, but what about this? <g>

    Or a more straightforward version of the same…


  8. Sinuola says:

    Please when exactly is the Access 2007 runtime going to be released? If not soon, is there an alternative?

  9. James Jackson says:

    Can one design his/her own database template for MS Access ? If yes, how?



  10. The Access Developer Extensions has the ability to generate Access Template (accdt) files. You build your db, specify the images, description, and hammer the spit it out button. Should be straightforward once the have the ADE <sigh>.

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