Skinning SharePoint resources

One of my favorite design bloggers Cameron Moll just posted helpful links to resources for those of you tasked with changing the default SharePoint look and feel.

If I was going to leave MS and start a company, I probably would start a SharePoint consulting company. From everything I'm seeing, the SharePoint business is taking off like a rocket. My guess is, there is quite a bit of consulting business for a small talented team of capable web designer, programmer, dba/network hack, sales person, and process oriened PM. If you found a BI specialist to implement Excel Server for analysis--the team would rock.

Any ways, have a great weekend folks.


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  1. Toby Getsch says:

    I couldn’t agree more!  I’ve recomended emphasizing SharePoint related skills for a few people who are transitioning or looking for different work.  There is an amazing market out there.

    For a frame of reference, I work with and manage ~700 SharePoint sites and am in the process of upgrading loads of info from WSS v2 to v3, along with MOSS 2007.  It better be good stuff, or I’d be heading down the wrong path. – – I’m confident this is the right one!

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