10 ways to get better gas mileage

The last couple days I have started driving differently after reading an article on msn about Get 50 mpg -- in your own car. The article provides advice for wring out the last little bit of distance from your tank of gas by following 10 tips from hypermilers (the art of wringing every ounce of fuel efficiency).

  • Brake sparingly

  • To idle is to sin

  • Speed kills

  • Avoid the big chill (cars are more efficient when they are hot)

  • Beware of drag

  • Lose weight (take unused stuff out of the trunk and back seat)

  • Pay attention to load

  • Be not a hare (the best mpg is had at relatively low rpm levels)

  • Setup for success (max tire pressure, use synthetic oil, regular tune-ups)

  • Drive the speed limit or slightly slower on the freeway

Off topic for this blog? Yep, but I love ideas that have the potential to change behavior--these ideas certianly did for me. In today's climate change world, using less gas seems like a good thing. Besides, can't we all use a little extra cash given today's gas prices!

Comments (3)

  1. jon says:

    Actually, accelerating slower is really bad for gas conservation. The most efficient way is to accelerate fast on a low gear and get the desired speed, and then to put the car on a high gear to get low RPM and just stay there without accelerating/decelerating.

  2. Toby Getsch says:

    I’m not interested in getting into an argument.  However, jon’s comment is wrong.  The 10 bullets listed in this post will get jon better gas mileage than what he described in his comment.

    When you accelerate fast, you pump more gas into the engine than when you accelerate slow.  That’s physics.  Jon’s comment is nutty.

    But, I’m still gonna watch NASCAR!  Boogety!  Boogety!  Boogety!

  3. Aaron H. says:

    Hey there…I have been working on cars for a long time and dont know too much about products that save fuel milage but it sounds like you might Toby…any hard info on the uses of aftermarket intakes, chips, sensors (used in conjunction or alone)



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