Good writing tips for developers forced to write marketing content

There is a good article on A List Apart about how to generate interest and describe the business value for software. What I like most is the use of examples.

A lot of web copy is written by copywriters who aren’t trained in writing for the web—and much of the rest is written by people who aren’t trained writers at all. If you’re a designer who can consult intelligently on basic copy improvements, you can gain a substantial business advantage. This article is designed to help you do just that.

This article targets web designers but all of us who work in technology can benefit from the discussion.

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  1. Links to articles such as these are quite appreciated.  These are just as useful as the Microsoft Access related information pages you post.

  2. Thanks Tony. I never know what people find interesting with the exception of hit counts. I will keep them coming as long as people keep clicking on them. The challenge is to make sure this blog has it’s own voice and provides unique content.

  3. Angry Access Developer says:

    Where’s the Access 2007 runtime, already! 🙁

  4. davidmdm says:

    Maybe it’s just me, but I have been developing applications in access for about 10 years now, and I have never seen a release of Access without the runtime being available.  

    I have customers who have gone out and purchased Vista Machines, and I have my software ready to distribute to those clients, but I cannot distribute them.  In particular one client has purchased 9 new Vista Machines (since thats they can buy anymore) and yet They cannot even make use of the software solution we have because I cannot give them the upgrade without the runtime.

    I like others are getting very frustrated at this.  

    Sorry this was not posted in the correct forum, however, the correct forum has been locked down to prevent any more postings.

  5. It is coming folks… Interestingly enough, I know for a fact that 2002 and 2003 runtime components were shipped over a year after RTM. We are ahead of previous release schedules. Likely the demand is stonger because it is free and the new improvements resonate with developers.

    I get almost an email a day on the topic! Previous releases–nobody ever asked about it (or at least there wasn’t a forum to open the discussion). I think it is great the more open communication channel that has opened over the last couple years.

    All comments are automatically locked on this forum after 2 weeks regardless of the content. Spammers kept adding porn links to threads I wasn’t monitoring. Locking threads after 2 weeks helps me keep this a family friendly sight and doesn’t have anything to do with me not wanting to talk about a subject.

    David, I’m sorry you are frustrated–we wish it was done too. Rest assured, folks are working hard to get it shipped with without known recall class issues.

  6. davidmdm says:

    Thankd, I just wish a release date would be posted.  I don’t know about previous releases being a year later, but I trust you on that.  Maybe its that we waited a year after release of 2002 and 2003 before upgrading.

    This time, we were forced into 2007 due to windows vista and keeping software compatible with XP and Vista both.  I saw significant issues when running our 2002 System on Vista, thus had to move to 2007 to fix those compatibility issues, and now in a pickle cause we can’t even release the 2007 version where we made all the necessary mods to our system.

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