Access Runtime is on Hold

There is more information coming shortly.Unfortunately, I’m on jury duty for the next three weeks and will not be able to provide updates. FWIW – I haven’t worked on the runtime project, so my jury duty won’t effect availability. The Access blog will post any information as soon as it is available. Edited 7/26.


SharePoint Web 2.0 Toolkit

Here are a bunch of great shared source extensions to SharePoint. If you are doing SharePoint development–this is definitely worth checking out.

The runtime download is available for FREE!

I’m happy to announce the runtime is finally done and for the first time ever–available as a free download! Microsoft Office Access Developer Extensions 2007Microsoft Office Access Runtime 2007 Once again, sorry for the delay and the problems it caused for some businesses. It is great to feel like I can blog again without a…


Runtime update

I’m truly sorry that this is dragging on longer than I ever expected. Am I frustrated?  Yes. Just before the runtime was to be released a critical bug in setup was found that caused setup to not install on random machines. Multiple attempts to fix the issue failed but we are hopeful the last one…


Access Best Practices Guidelines

Recently a MCS consultant asked the following question on an internal Access Discussion alais: My customer is looking for either a document on ‘general best practices when using Access 2003’ and/or a document on ‘best practices for coding in Access 2003.’  Before I sit down and start trying to create the documents from scratch, I’m…


Do you like the new navigation pane?

The team is considering some refinements to the navigation pane. What do you like about the changes? How would you like to see it improved? If we added an OM would you use it? Do you use the new tables and views mode?  I have a feeling there will be a number of comments on…


10 ways to get better gas mileage

The last couple days I have started driving differently after reading an article on msn about Get 50 mpg — in your own car. The article provides advice for wring out the last little bit of distance from your tank of gas by following 10 tips from hypermilers (the art of wringing every ounce of…


Skinning SharePoint resources

One of my favorite design bloggers Cameron Moll just posted helpful links to resources for those of you tasked with changing the default SharePoint look and feel. If I was going to leave MS and start a company, I probably would start a SharePoint consulting company. From everything I’m seeing, the SharePoint business is taking…


Good writing tips for developers forced to write marketing content

There is a good article on A List Apart about how to generate interest and describe the business value for software. What I like most is the use of examples. A lot of web copy is written by copywriters who aren’t trained in writing for the web—and much of the rest is written by people who…