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The folks at web design from scratch have recently posted a list of their 10 favorite web site designs. The sites make up good sources of inspiration. I particularly like the IconBuffet. For about $300 you can get a great set of icons that will make your application stand out.

Another source to consider is the icons we added to the 2007 templates. We spent fair amount of time coming up with different concepts and also improving the icons in the picture wizard.

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  1. I would much prefer that the the Access 2007 templates use a scalable and best practice approach rather than quick and dirty macros. Do you know the rationale for using macros throughout? I was brought up to believe that Macros were bad and VBA = good!

  2. Good question. We have found that a large majority of our IW users start with templates and tweak the design by adding a few fields and a couple reports. This audience is more successful using macros than VBA. Also, macros run in untrusted environments. Here is a post I made about improvements to macros that make them much more useful than they have been in the past.

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