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Quick update on the runtime ship date--the test team found a recall class bug in setup that will cause us to slip the schedule by a couple weeks. I will let you know if I hear anything different. Sorry for the delay.

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  1. Stuart says:

    Hello Clint,

    The Access Runtime 2007, after the official release, could be updated in the future from MS? (bug fixing, Access Service Packs, etc)


  2. Christopher Marsch says:

    So when is the runtime going to be available? I have developed an application in Access 2007 and require the runtime to deploy it. The feature of saving it in Access 2003 format to use the Access 2003 runtime does not work. Apparently many of the features and functionality of Access 2007 does not work in Access 2003. If you have a beta copy or RC I would like to have that. Thanks.

  3. Access says:

    Hoy que estaba anunciado que se publicaría, anuncian un nuevo retraso de un par de semanas http://blogs.msdn.com/clintcovington/archive/2007/05/14/hold-the-runtime-download-page.aspx

  4. amireh1 says:


    I have developed an application in Access 2007 and require the runtime to deploy it.My customers are waiting for it today…..what can i do i cant wait couple weeks more.


  5. Ron H says:

    Will the Access 2007 Runtime run Access apps developed with 2003 and older versions?  Thanks.

    Also, what is the current expected release date of the runtime?

  6. Rob Hausler says:

    Does the runtime include distribution licensing? or does each of the workstations being deployed to require a license of Access?

  7. Anastasia says:

    THAT SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!! REALLY BITES……………….You shouldn’t announce a release date until you’re sure that all the bigs are out and you have tested it 1 million + 1 times……………DISAPPOINTED. Have so many clients waiting on a program to be deployed in Access 2007.

  8. Rob Hausler says:

    So will this really only be two weeks or longer?

    I am about to undertake a massive project with a deadline of 4 weeks and i need to know if i should start under access 2007 or if I need to develop it under 2003 and buy the AUD $1200 VSTO 2005 package.

    Since the project has been quoted this could really bite.

  9. Love to see the demand for the product–it lets us know we are on the right track. Past releases of Access nobody ever cared about RTM of the runtime. It should only take a couple weeks to reset the final test pass but if a new recall class bug comes up–we won’t ship it before it is ready. Rest assured the bar is pretty high at this point.

    Stuart–yes, we can release updates to the runtime but the team isn’t going to release code with known recall class bugs.

  10. George says:

    Once again, the software developer’s paradigm makes itself known.

    Good, fast, cheap. Pick two.

    As I see it, having a good product for free will make it two out of three, and that’s the best anyone can expect.


  11. Stevbe says:

    I guess I missed the beta invitation … I have about 50-60 apps for a fortune 500 company with about 500 unique users spread across the apps, all desktops only get runtime. I am looking forward to putting accde / runtime 2007 through it’s paces.


  12. David says:

    C’mon guys… you’re not really telling clients that companies that they’ll have their software on or just after the 15th – they day the runtime was to be released.  These are not your first apps.  You’ve got to get the RT and test it with your apps first – that could take a week… or more… and then test it on clients machines.  Even if the RT was released on the 15th I would tell a client June before they see anything.

  13. amireh1 says:

    please give us a beta version now………………

  14. TekiBrent says:

    Hurry the starving developers need that runtime!

  15. Anastasia says:

    I appreciate the care being taken to ensure that the runtime is error-free. But as we say in my part of the world "take your time and walk fast". We really really need this stuff Clint.

  16. Victor Torres says:

    Come on guys and girls.  If they give us a beta version of the runtime and then we distribute it with our programs maybe if something happen you will blame Clint or Microsoft because they give us (for free) a bad runtime version of MS Access 2007 (can I specify that is for free???)  Thanks to all but let them finish their work without any disturb.  And like we say on my part of the world "Vamos a dar un paso a la vez" (Spanish for let’s take one step at a time).  Thanks.

  17. Bob says:

    You could at least make the 2003 untime available without spending a fortune on Visual STudio Office. I only need the runtime not the rest of the dross that comes with VSO.


  18. Stevbe says:

    "If they give us a beta version of the runtime …" then we could help test it. I have had problems using the /runtime switch on the full version of A2007 with custom ribbons and if that does not work I can’t use A2007 at all. While we are quite a ways away from having 2007 deployed throughout our corp I, as the primary Access dev, need to make sure all apps are going to work correctly. I would have like to been part of the beta test (if there was one) because I assume there is less overhead in bug fixing a beta than a released version which would help speed the final RTM.


  19. I only hope access RT must be much more stable and quickly than the full product in we are testing our ADP solution. I’m very boored with the test with Access 2007 full product of our application and it goes very slowly and have various crashes. We have come back to the old Access 2003 runtime because with Access 2007 the Project databases are not posible to run in this conditions. Access 2003 : 1 second to open a complex form, the same form on access 2007 10 seconds! and once opened it must or it must not crash.

  20. Chris Marsch says:

    I have tried saving the Access 2007 database into Access 2003 format and using the Access 2003 Runtime and have had nothing but problems. Most of the programming in Access 2007 is so much different including Forms, Swithcboard, color schemes, macros and the VB code and formulas that I would basically have to rewite the entire app in Access 2003. So the Access 2003 RT would not help me at all. Since we have not upgraded all of our workstations to 2007 yet, running Access 2007 in runtime mode will not work either. Any idea on a timeline?

  21. amireh1 says:

    You could at least make the 2003 untime available without spending a fortune on Visual STudio Office. I only need the runtime not the rest of the dross that comes with VSO.

  22. Go Ahead Clint, Go ahead Tim.

    You guys are the best, we will wait for the Runtime, and yes we can wait, take your time, and make a great deployment.

    By The way, i love the new access and the new office, it looks great in windows xp and in windows vista, and yes it also works great.

    my implementation is with sql 2000 and sql 2005, with an access front end, i have to tell you, it works great and it looks great, what else can i ask.

    Go ahead, dont let the bad voices disturb you, take your time and make a great deployment.

  23. According to Clint Covington, Access PM Hold the runtime download page . Also visit Microsoft Access

  24. Thanks for all the friendly encouragement. Folks are working hard to get it shipped with high quality. I will let you know when the page is active–I don’t want to get folks excited again without delivering the goods. Typically, I try to under promise and over deliver.

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