Tell me about your ribbon app – get a FREE copy of Access 2007 Inside Out

I’m interested in learning more about how developers are using the ribbon to build data applications, particularly design strategies that mix or separate navigation (open form) and application commands (cut/copy/paste, filter by selection, toggle filter, etc).

I have a FREE copy of John Viescas and Jeff Conrad’s excellent work Microsoft Office Access 2007 Inside Out for your time. If you have built a ribbon application and willing to spend 45 minutes sharing your experience here is how it would work:

  1. Send me mail with a couple quick screen shots to clintc *_at_* Microsoft *dot* com.

  2. I will schedule a 30 minute live meeting request where you can demo your application to me.

  3. You will need to install the live meeting ActiveX control if you don't already have Live Meeting installed.

  4. During the live meeting you will walk me through the application, talk about what you like and don’t like about the ribbon user model for applications.

  5. I will send you a free copy of the Access 2007 Inside Out book.

This is a great opportunity influence the next generation of Access applications.

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  1. Een van mijn collega’s uit Redmond, Clint Covington is momenteel mede bezig met Access "14" en is op…

  2. Gary Hill says:

    Hi Clint

    I belong to the UK access user group and have a couple of issues with 2007 that I would like to feed back to u guys.

    Tried sending u an email as per this blog but no joy

    I am quite happy to cut down an mdb and send through for u to look at

    email me gary At OffshoreLogic in the UK and I will forward



  3. My mail to you didn’t work for me gary. How about using the email link above? That seems to be a reliable way to get me.

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