Office 2003 SP3 article on CNET

My friend Josh Edwards is quoted by CNET talking about SP3.

Service Pack 3 for Office 2003 will be focused on security, said Joshua Edwards, a technical product manager for Office at Microsoft. "We're trying to take what we learned from building Office 2007 and bring as much as we can to Office 2003," Edwards said in an interview with CNET

Microsoft hasn't yet set a release date for the Office 2003 update, which like other service packs will be available as a free upgrade. Also, there are no details of what will be in the update, other than that Microsoft is "backporting" work it did for Office 2007.

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  1. Henry says:

    Any further information how Access will be SPed?

    Will O2003 thenafter be trusted location avare? Will it be possible to run A2007 and earlier versions without turning UAC off?

    Are any additional changes planed, such as support of ADPs on SQL2005?

    Thanks for further information


  2. I don’t have further information on SP3 as I’m not working on that effort.

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