Help topic for beginning users to understand the basics of an Access database

I expect many readers of this blog frequently work with IWs that want to learn more about Access. Here is a new help topic designed to ramp up people on the following core Access:

Understand the basics of an Access database
See details about the objects in a database
Explore a table in Design view
See the relationships between tables
See how objects use other objects

Feedback for the writer is always welcome. 

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  1. gqcowboy2683 says:

    I’m trying to get an option button in ms vb6.3 to set the input mask for a txt field. I don’t know what the proper syntax inorder to retreave the selected data?

  2. LynneF says:

    Hello I am new to this but am trying to find how to set a ‘Last Updated’ date field into my database form.  Does anyone know how to do this?  If so are you willing to share?  Lynne

  3. Lynn/gqcowboy,

    I try not to answer help questions here because it isn’t the forum for the discussion. This is like the first in a long line of questions as you grow your skills. Hopefully, along the way you can start helping other folks. I suggest you post this question on Those folks are great helping you develop your skills and provide a way for you to potentially help others with their question.

  4. AL says:

    Hey Clint,

    Take a look at the skin interface for MS Media Player / Urge.

    Now THAT’s what Access should look like!!!!

    The current Office skins (all 3 of them) are horribly ugly and very hard on the eyes.  I realize that the Access team has little to do with the Office family interface, but maybe you have just a LITTLE bit of influence…


  5. Not everyone thinks they are horribly ugly but thanks for the tip. I do like the visuals of Urge–they did a nice job.

  6. AL says:

    Well, different strokes…but Office has only 3 skin options.  It’s relatively unlikely that any given person will like them very much.  I realize that the Fluent team already has a lot of negative feedback on this issue, from what I see on the MS blog comments.

    BTW, The new Access muted colors are really nice, and are a HUGE help in form and datasheet design.

    Now. if only there was a way to change the datasheet active row highlight color, and the color of the selection box – perhaps in Ac 14.


  7. I will pass along the comment about active selection and selection box to the people working on potential grid improvements. Thanks AL.

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