Two Access 2007 chapters from MS Learning books

There are a couple new chapters published on Office Online.


6 Key Considerations When Creating Access 2007 Databases (excerpt from Step by Step: Microsoft Office Access 2007)

Design Great Looking Forms Using Access 2007 (excerpt from Plain & Simple: Microsoft Office Access 2007)

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  1. This complaint is not regarding this post. I have just discovered that Microsoft removed in Access 2007 multi user security feature. This is a shame and I will have to move my only epplicattion created in Access 2003 to other development tool. I will have to start from zero in SQL server or other thing I do not know. I am not a developer professional, I will have to hire one of you increasing my costs

  2. Scottgem says:


    Its true that Userl Level Security (ULS) was removed in Access 2007. But only if you use the new accdb file format. You can continue to use ULS with the mdb format under Access 2007.

    You can then  work on providing your own security if you want to convert to the accdb format. Frankly I never used ULS as I found it too cumbersome. If you want some help in developing your own security I would suggest posting at


  3. AL says:

    Hi Clint,

    Could you please set up a bug submission and tracking blog, as well as a suggested improvement tracking blog?  The Access team could check in every now and then to update the progress, or lack thereof.  It would go a long way toward communicating the needs for the next version.

    I have a growing list of bugs, annoyances and suggestions for the new version, but there is no way to get anyone on the Access team to listen.  


  4. I don’t think a blog is the right forum for submitting bugs and tracking progress. Bugs in service packs are very expensive and introduce significant chance for more henious regressions. We try to limit the churn to serious customer issues and downright annoying issues. There is a process for triaging bugs, developing narrow repro steps and getting an issue ready for the product team to fix it. We work closely with product support to make this happen. If you have an issue that needs attention from the product team–here is a link that gives you the information to start the process.

    The Access team has been listening to comments–we just can’t really comment on which items are going to get attention. I have read nearly every comment ever made on the Access team blog and certianly everything in my blog. I have sent a good amount of feedback directly to program managers, developers, and testers.

    I think we have had some very good conversations with the Access community about what they will like to see in the next version. I know for a fact that many of the members of the Access team reads my blog. The post about visuals is reviewed daily by the feature crew team that is looking at the general area.

    It is impossible for us to do everything people want–every release we develop a vision for the next release and then identify a series of features that support the release. I think it is important that the product has a voice and long term vision.

    Please keep sending me your feedback and I will make sure they are read by members of the team. That doesn’t mean they will make it into the schedule but people will look over the ideas and compare it to the product vision.

    As a plug for beta testing… If a person really want to influence the product, the beta period is by far the best way to get incremental improvements into the product. Last year we fixed hundreds of bugs submitted by the community. Honestly, I wish we saw lots more.

    Also, people should feel free to send Erik feedback through the Access blog. He is one of the main drivers of the Access 14 development schedule.

  5. Bob Robertson says:

    Hello Clint,

    When will be available S.P1 for Access 2007?

    The Runtime 2007 version (available in June) will include the Access S.P1?


  6. grovelli says:

    Foxpro is being discontinued by Microsoft. Won’t that give Access even more space?

  7. Roger says:


    "Foxpro is being discontinued by Microsoft"

    It seems that Fox Pro will become OpenSource … this could be a good news for Fox Developers.

    If Access were OpenSource probably it would be much better…   🙂

  8. grovelli says:

    I’m not that sure about that, if I compare StarOffice with MS Office 🙂

  9. Bob–The runtime will not include SP1. I don’t think we have any dates on SP1 availability. Traditionally, it is a while after RTM as it takes people a while to work through deployment issues and uncover the critical issues that need to be fixed.

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