Link to Access 2007 KB articles and solution center

Janet (the Access team support contact) just forward me a great page that has links to the top support issues for installing and using Access 2007. If you haven't seen this page before (and I hadn't) it is very helpful. Definitely something to book mark.

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  1. Bob Robertson says:


    I don’t find a shortcut menus editor in Access 2007…

    How I can create shortcuts menu for Access 12 forms?


  2. HenryHabermacher says:

    Hi Clint


    Maybe you can ask Janet to also let add following link there:

    This is the download of the ACE (Access Database Engine) to be used to access ACCDB (and Jet) files outside of Access.

    Henry, MVP Access

  3. Bob Maupin says:

    Looking for Access 2007 information, I ran accross this Blog and thought I would add a comment / question…

    I love to use cutting edge stuff but there is always a little pain…

    I’m developing a .NET 2005, Windows forms application for disconnected data entry. The application will use a Web Service to send/receive data updates when connected. I decided to use MS-Access 2007 for the local client data store.

    I’ve installed the Access 12 components ("AccessDatabaseEngine.exe") and use OLE DB to connect to the database in the App – works great!

    The App is at final beta stage and I’m ready to use ClickOnce to test the deployment side of things…

    One item that I though may be useful is a prerequisite entry for the Access12 components. After looking around, I get the impression that this may not be available yet??

    I also had attempted to add a function in the application that would programmatically compact the database. I had to leave this option command button disabled for future implementation because I haven’t found any "How to’s" regarding Access 12.

    Can anyone help me out with answers to these issues? Or, should I use good old Access 2003 for now?

    Thanks a bunch for any help,

    Bob Maupin

  4. Simon says:

    I’ve discovered an important performance problem of Access 2007 interface (on Windows XP, I have not still installed win Vista)

    If an application is running with the new "tabbed" view interface, performances are similar to A ‘XP/2003 releases: ok

    Vice-versa if the same application is running in traditional view, Forms (single forms, not tabular) with a lot of bound controls are very, very slow … unusable on many PC(s).

    Clint, this isn’t a bug but an ELEPHANT    ;-(

    Microsoft developers haven’t debugged this product before the sale?


  5. Bob Robertson,

    Unfortunately, because of some internal changes there isn’t any designer UI for right click menus. You can still modify the menu via the OM. I’m trying to see if we can get a KB article created and possible a form that will allow you to do this without having to write code. When something comes available I will post it on this blog. Also, there is a bug that was introduced just before we shipped that turned off right click menus in sub forms.

    Bob Maupin,

    IMO – you should use the Jet the system component. The only substantual changes to the Access data engine were for connecting to SharePoint and multi-valued fields that are largely targeted at beginning users and SharePoint compatibility. By the sounds of your scenario, you don’t want to deal with installing the new engine. I’m not sure how to run compact and repair from managed code without installing and using the managed PIAs. Maybe someone on UtterAccess can help you with that problem.

    I’m very interested in learning more about your scenario. Do you mind using the email link at the top of the page to send me more information. I’m interested in your business scenario–customers, packaged software, etc… Also, why you choose to use win forms instead of a web page?


    I have heard about a perf issue a few times in this forum. We have a QFE on one perf issue in the works but it is hard to tell if this is the same issue. We do a ton of testing on perf and have dedicated teams of people running perf tests on every build and fixing perf issues through out the release. We also rely on feedback from the three beta drops to identify issues. Some times late bug fixes cause unintentional perf regressings–the way we handle these after code has shipped is through QFEs.

    Call our support team and tell them you have a perf regressing from Access 2003 that makes your app unusable. They can work with you to identify the issue and get a fix (it might be the issue we are tracking). The support staff has a process in place for handling these type of issues. Lets take a look at this issue.

  6. Bob Maupin says:

    I realize that this may not be the best place for this, but maybe not…

    For those looking for a way to Compact/Repair an Access 2007 database from a .NET application (2.0) I have successfully used the following procedure:

    – Install the “AccessDatabaseEngine.exe” components.

    – Add a reference (COM) to the project (mine was a Win-Forms application) for the following:

    "Microsoft Office 12.0 Access Database Engine Object Library"

    – In Code:

     – Disconnect from the database

     – Create a new instance of “Microsoft.Office.Interop.Access.Dao.DBEngine”

     – Call the instance method “.CompactDatabase” and provide the SrcName and DstName as strings.

    I noticed that the following properties are available but have not used them yet:



    After compacting the .accdb file I used some re-naming to create a backup copy (SrcName) and rename the new file to the original filename.

    I’ve successfully tested this using a ClickOnce deployment on a client that does not have Office 2007 installed.

    Bob Maupin

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