New blog feed from the Access UA team

The user assistance team has put together a new blog that will highlight articles. Anyone interested in learning more about Access 2007 should find this useful.

To subscribe to the Access feeds, see the article Get our RSS Feeds for Microsoft Office Access.

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  1. grovelli says:

    Hi Clint,

    When I click the link, I get a page full of XML code

  2. Sorry, I updated the link.

  3. Cory says:

    Why does the page containing the feed links need to run ‘Authzax.dll’? Also, why is the feed version .91 and why does it not preview in Firefox? According to, the feed doesn’t validate and Google Reader doesn’t recognize the feed.


  4. Not sure Cory–it works great in IE 7 for me… I will pass along your feedback.

  5. Mihail says:

    Can somebody answer: will Access 2007 Developer Extensions be working with Access 2007 russian language version?

  6. chuck says:

    gigantic fan of access97 and stability of that product. I got Access 2007 and besides the usual "differences" I … think… I… like… it… BUT I have one recurring bug that worked very well in 97 and tanks in 2007. A form that is bound to a table or query and on the form there is a combo box to make a selection for another record. I have used both macros & code in the past to do this common procedure but in the new access it sits there brain dead.. I checked the keys and they are populated. It acts like the click event is not even being triggered but I know it is. So whats the deal? I found a configuration setting refering to always use events but nothing seems to change the results.. Any ideas? Also, is it true or not true that access 2007 no longer has file size limitations?


  7. Joshua says:

    When will Microsoft release Access 2007 Developer Extension and Runtime. I found a page that just states soon after the release of Access 2007 it will be posted as a free download. When they say shortly does that mean second or third quarter year.

    Thank you

  8. Joshua says:

    I am sort of new to Access but can get around pretty well. My weakiness is creating modules but through MS access db help website I was able to find what I need and modify it to work the I want.

    My question is this. Is there a code for Access 2007 that I can add to a runtime version db I created once the free tool is available, to ask the user fone time for a key code before the application will launch and store it somewhere that it can be viewed by the user.

    Thank you

  9. Scottgem says:

    To Joshua,

    There is nothing specific to Access 2007 to do this. But there are a number of ways to do in any version of Access. One way is to use a hidden parameters table. The table would have 2 fields, one for the key code and one for the unlock flag. When the app loads you check the flag, if its not set you prompt the user to enter the code.

    If you need more help with this I suggest posting at


  10. Mihial,

    The Access 2007 Developer Extensions UI will not be localized in Russian, but it will be able to create custom MSIs in Russian and use the Russian Access 2007 Runtime.


    Have you ensured that the database is enabled? There is a message bar directly below the ribbon that has an option to enable the database. I would start there.


    We are working hard to release the runtime. I think everyone is hopeful it can happen in the second quarter.


    Thanks for jumping in!

    Also, on a different thread people were asking about security. I found out the runtime wizard allows you to set the trusted locations property so that a runtime application can will run with full trust. Nice work Tim!

  11. AL says:

    Regarding the last security comment:

    Now that is good news!  As long as the end-user can specify full-trust during the install, and then never see the security dialog again.

    See, If we whine enough somebody may listen… 🙂

  12. I don’t mind honest feedback–it is just when the same issue comes up again and again that I start to tune it out.

    You can thank Tim for doing a great job spec’ing the feature.

  13. Tamiam says:

    I recently upgraded from Access ( XP) to Vista and office 2007. As a total beginner I was able to make amazing progress with my previous access in building a database.

    I am using it for a horse information cataloging database which also includes pictures of each animal. My problem is that the OLE object I inserted in the previous version is now acting differently. When I open my entry form (built with previous version) the pictures previously entered are viewable as pictures still but any that I add now using the same steps but in the new setup it puts the name of the file in the box not a picture. I’m sure it is a simple twist or default setting I’m missing but I’m sure having trouble figuring it out myself so far. Any help would be MOST appreciated.

  14. Scottgem says:

    To Tamian,

    You should use the new Attachments datatype rather than an OLE object. In fact, using an OLE object was not the recommended way in previous versions.

    As an aside, I don’t think Clint meant for this blog to be a support area. If you need any help with Access I would suggest using, which is the #1 Access support site.


  15. Tamiam says:

    Oh, ok sorry. I have no clue what you mean by attachments datatype (like I said I’m a total beginner) but at least that gives me a clue were to start looking for answers. Thank you.

  16. Tamiam,

    What file types were giving you a problems. Also, you can learn more about attachments in the help file. Here is a good resource for migrating your app to Access 2007:

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