You Tube video blog on data collection

Steve Zaske posted a blog on data collection a while back. Nice to see folks catching on to this useful feature.

Here is the URL to his original blog post

BTW - I'm surprised nobody has responded to my post on How do you use Access? There are almost 2,000 readers of this blog. You all are a shy group...


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  1. Paul Kavanagh says:

    (Sorry, I should really have proof read that first!)

    I use Access for a lot of data manipulation, when Excel just isn’t fit for the job, but SQL Server would be overkill.

    For example, just recently I pulled down some country stats from the net (it was an economic freedom report) with various scores and past scores. I could use Access really quickly to query, sort, group, rank, and filter results (almost as quickly as I thought of new views I wanted to see).

    It gets a bit of flack when used in production environments, but I still love its ease of use, and the assumptions it makes for you.

  2. grovelli says:

    Clint, the link to the hi-resolution version of the video doesn’t work.

  3. I have removed the link.

  4. szaske says:

    Sorry about that.  The hi-res video is again available (

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