Access 2007 Runtime information

I keep getting pinged on this topic--so let me share what information I can. There will be a Access 2007 runtime. The team is finishing up the work right now. It will support creating a runtime setup, saving a db to a template ACCDT, and SourceSafe integration. There are people working hard to get this work out to customers. Last I heard it will be available in the March time frame.

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  1. Michael Stanley says:

    Thanx for the info. I have been searching everywhere for this info. No one at the Office, Vista rollout shindig knew anything about it!

  2. Jan Poller says:

    Can this runtime co-exist on a compauter running Access 2002/XP or 2003?

    THis sure would make my life easier.

  3. Tim Getsch [MS] says:

    Yep, the Access 2007 runtime can co-exist with previous versions of Access.

  4. rneal says:

    Matthew McDonald’s book on Access 2007 says Microsoft said the runtime will not be distributed via Visual Tools for Office–which is a great thing for those of us who would otherwise have no interest in the other components of that package.  Is this still true and has MS decided how it will be made available and about how much the license will cost?  Thanks.

  5. rneal says:

    I consider the runtime engine to be the VM for the Access developer–just like the VBRUN*.dll is the VM for the VB6 developer.  The big disadvantage to the Access developer is that we must inconvenience the user by getting them to download it and get it installed on their machines.  This would not be so bad if the Runtime Engine were not 35mb in size.  Can your team help your developers to help our users?  The ideal situation to me would be to have the "Access VM" installed with the OS and included in Service Packs.  Its licensing could be enforced by some form of registration with a key when the develper goes to use it.  This improved/alternative scenario would benefit all Access stakeholders so much.  We just aren’t taken seriously enough.  And the bloated distribution lends to the belief that we aren’t quality, component-based developers that have quality code.  Thanks.

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