Office Live launches today

Office Live is live! I know, I know--just couldn't resist. But it is true. Office Live released the RTM bits today. They will be upgrading sites over the next couple weeks.

I understand they have 160,000 customers and growing every day. It is nice to see the business grow. Over time the work we did to integrate with SharePoint will be important as more Office Live users create business applications and need to use Access to analyze data and refine their application. The new RTM version is based on WSS v3 so users should see the benefits of the performance caching features when working with list data inside Access.

For those that haven't used Office Live there are three basic services:

  • Microsoft Office Live Basics is a collection of free services that allows small businesses to get started on the Web and to attract new customers;  

  • Microsoft Office Live Essentials includes all the tools, software and support provided with Office Live Basics and adds powerful new features for contact management to help generate repeat business for $19.95 a month; and

  • Microsoft Office Live Premium includes all the offerings in Office Live Basics and Office Live Essentials as well as additional online business applications and collaboration tools that can be easily accessed for $39.95 a month.

Taunya just uses Basics as she doesn't have much need for contact management or online business applications yet. If her business grows essentials or premium would be more interesting.



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