Access 2007 Released to Manufacturing

3 years ago we started work on the most ambitious release of Access in a decade. The team worked hard to make it easier for information workers to quickly track and report on information. There are many that will make it easier for you to satisfy customer requirements such as PDF integration, rich text control, attachments, better image support, report browse, WYSIWYG report design, anchoring of controls, improved filtering, collect data via email, new templates, and better SharePoint integration. Here is where you can read more about our favorite program:

Volume licensing customers should be able to download install images before the end of November and retail availability is targeted for early 2007.

I hope everyone enjoys using it as much as I enjoyed working on it.

Comments (4)

  1. Gord Hubbell says:

    Hi Clint – congratulations… and thanks! Sure looks awesome!

    Best wishes to you and the team,


  2. Thanks Gord. We sure do appreciate all that you do for the Access community at

  3. Larry says:

    I am studying the new Access 2007 in order to offer better support to my corporate clients and was wondering if any provisons were in place to modify the interface to resemble the old XP and 2003 interfaces?

  4. Larry,

    We don’t have provisions to modify the old style menus and command bars. If you are maintaining a mdb with customized menus you might want to keep around a copy of Access 2003. The new ribbon does have a pretty rich XML based customization model but there is some work to build the new ribbons. We have a new white paper on the topic that is almost ready for publication.

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