First reviews on Office 12 are available

It is always fun to see your work get press! PCMag just published a review on Office 12 with few paragraphs about our favorite product, Access. Here is my favorite quote:

"With some slick productivity enhancements and a completely new interface, Microsoft Access 12 gets more of a makeover than any other Office component in the suite. The new interface is far more colorful and graphical, with tabs for navigating between screens instead of the blank workspace of older versions.",1895,1888060,00.asp

Information Week has also written about the new beta but didn't include much content about Access.

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  1. Kim says:

    Oh, great. Every time I get used to an interface it changes. I would be much happier if Microsoft would just make it NOT BREAK MY PLAIN OLD VBA CODE every time they do an ‘upgrade’. Or maybe take one or two of those nifty UI designers and have them TALK TO CUSTOMERS ABOUT CODE THAT BREAKS without having to give Microsoft money.

  2. Kim,

    We are working very hard on making sure that old VBA doesn’t break. We did a bunch of work to make sure code with old menus and command bars continues to work. I encourage you to sign up for the beta and let us know if you find anything. Feedback from beta users is INVALUABLE in helping us identify and resolve backwards compat issues. The team takes these issues really serious.

    This is the first major user interface change Access has ever undergone. New users find the ribbon much easier to use and have been far more successful getting started. Most experienced users that have experienced the new UI really like the improvements–there is a couple weeks adopting to the new changes but you should find the interface familiar with the past. I liken it to the new VW bug–things are generally in the same spot but it feels newer and modern.

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