Office 14 PDC announcements

Just in case you missed it… Office announced at PDC that Office 14 will enable people to to create, edit, and collaborate on Excel, Word, PowerPoint, and OneNote documents in the browser. Here are some links with more information: Microsoft to Extend Office to the Browser  Q&A: Microsoft Senior Vice President Chris Capossela discusses how…


Dad, this is so important

My 5-year-old daughter told my wife this morning that she wanted to bring pennies to school for children who don’t have a school. After cleaning out the coin jar, she asked to add her birthday money to the collection. This evening she talked more about the Pennies for Peace program and the children without a…


Article about the New Microsoft ad campaign

There is a good article in the New York Times about the new marketing campaign. Echoing the Campaign of a Rival, Microsoft Aims to Redefine ‘I’m a PC’ RELAX, computer users, after only two weeks Microsoft will stop teasing you as the company begins the next phase of an ambitious — and risky — $300…

Microsoft employees donate $72M in 2007

I just noticed this article. Pretty cool. I did stand in a cold outdoor line for 15 minutes to see Mr. Clinton but was told the room filled up. BTW – I hope the msn guys don’t mind me pointing to a yahoo page :-).


UK Access User Group National Seminar

Sorry–it has been a while since I have posted anything. Zac and team have been getting lots of great content posted on the Access team blog lately and I have been swamped with the next release work. Any ways, years ago I presented at the UK Access User Group National Seminar–it was one of my most favorite events…

Three weeks in the King County Courthouse

I recently had the opportunity to serve as a juror for 3 weeks in the King County Courthouse. The defendant was a 25-year-old male charged with 13 counts of vehicle theft, possession of meth, bail jumping, trafficking of stolen property, shop lifting, possession of stolen property, and driving on a suspended license. Serving on a…


Fall Advisor Summit on Access and SharePoint in Miami

Interested in spending a week in Miami learning more about Access, SharePoint and the latest .NET advancements? The Advisor Summit on Microsoft Access at the Doral Resort & Spa is going to be a fun event. I have always enjoyed the great conferences put on by the Advisor folks. They have a good conference in…


The runtime is available for download

Thanks for your continued patience. The runtime download is available again. Microsoft Office Access Runtime 2007 There is a known bug where reports don’t work in ADPs. We are working on a QFE for the issue. I will let you know when more information is available for that issue. We couldn’t get the issue fixed in this…


Showing summary data with crosstab queries

A new query help topic just went live on Office Online: Make summary data easier to read by using a crosstab query