SQL Server 2008 RC0 canonical errors during setup

I was installing the RC0 version of SQL Server 2008 this weekend and kept running into the following error:

This access control list is not in canonical form and therefore cannot be modified.

There were a lot of these errors in the Feb CTP related to the registry which seemed to have been resolved.  The errors from the RC0 install were related to the directory structure and the permissions being out of order.

I was able to resolve the issue by navigating to the %Program Files%\Microsoft SQL Server\100\Setup Bootstrap\Log\ directory and opening the details.txt file to find out the directory that was having the issue.  Using that information I went to the directory, right clicked and went to properties.  By clicking the 'Security' tab the OS warns you of the issue and then fixes it.  Hitting retry at this point allows the installation to continue.

In total there were 5 directories that caused this issue, all of them located in the %Program Files%\Microsoft SQL Server directory structure.  While I didn't capture each of them it is an easy fix that produces a clean install of SQL Server.  Hopefully this will save you some time if you are running into the same problem.  I was installing on Windows Server 2003 EE R2 SP2.

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  1. EitanF says:

    Great post!  Helped me tremendously!

    With your help I was able to install SQL Server Express 2008 x64 RC0 on Windows Small Business Server 2008 RC1 (64-bits).   Here was the step-by-step in my case:

    The problem folder was C:Program Files (x86)Microsoft SQL Server100Shared, and the solution was:

    right-click on this folder, go to properties,

    click the security tab

    click ok on the message that pops up saying the order is wrong

    click on "Edit…" & continue on UAC

    click Reorder on the next pop-up.

    Apply and Ok out of the dialog boxes and then Retry in SQL setup.  

    Hope this helps in addition to Cliff’s excellent post!

  2. Thanks Cliff–solved my problem.

  3. Mike says:

    Saved my backside too. Thanks Cliff & EitanF!

    In my case it was the C:Program Files (x86)Microsoft SQL Server100\tools folder.

  4. John says:

    Yes, thanks for the post.  In my case I had lots of different directories with ACLs that were not in ‘canonical’ form.   I think one can go to a folder several levels higher than where the problem resides, and reset the ACLs on all subdirectories beneath — this is a slightly faster approach.

  5. fandangoameruso@hotmail.com says:

    I found i had this problem when trying to install the SQL 2008 express edition and i received the same error message however mine turned out to be a problem with the permissions in the registry.  Looking in that details.txt log file identified the last registry it had tried to write to but had failed,  so i browse to that node in teh registry right clicked on it selected permissions and i then received the "do you want to sort…" pop up to which i clicked yes. I could then re run the installer and all worked perfectly.  

    i wouldn’t have worked it out without this post so thanks

  6. Raviraj says:

    Hey, great post!!! Helped me a lot 🙂

  7. Jeff says:

    Mine was a problem with the registry as well

    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMicrosoftWindows NTCurrentVersionPerflib

    Browsed there, right clicked on Perflib, selected permissions, clicked ok on the popup notice, and it worked.  Thanks everyone, especially fandangoameruso

  8. Sushila says:

    This post was invaluable – thank you for taking the time to detail the fix. Mine

    was the same issue as Jeff’s – in the PerfLib folder (but never would have found it if I

    hadn’t looked at the Detail.txt file)

  9. Hulinning2 says:

    I got the same problem with Jeff and if fixed as Jeff mentioned in this blog

    thanks Jeff

    BTW, I verified by looking into the detail.txt and there is an error on PerfLib but no clue what to do to fix it until I see this post

  10. John Freeman says:

    Thank you, Cliff. Mine was a registry problem as well. I hope Amy Lewis (Microsoft Connect) doesn't again do what she did with your post. In contrast to your actually facilitating and providing a solution, she was almost discrediting and possibly blocking a discussion such as what you have here that was actually helpful (which is the main point). Hello?

    Thank you again. – John

  11. Elsitta & Archana says:

    This solution is working fine in my case also. Thanks for valuable suggestions.

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