TechEd Europe 2013: Service Bus Sessions

Messaging with Windows Azure Service Bus Windows Azure Service Bus offers a rich set of messaging capabilities in the cloud as well as on-premises. This session discusses some of the advanced messaging capabilities in Service Bus. Join us to learn about publish-subscribe patterns, Using the Service Bus sessions, interoperability with AMQP, scaling with Service Bus, and messaging…


Subscribe! – Getting Started with Service Bus

Over on my new Channel 9 blog I’ve started a series that will (hopefully) help novices with getting started developing applications that leverage Windows Azure Service Bus (and, in coming episodes also Service Bus for Windows Server) The first two episodes are up: Getting Started with Service Bus. Part 1: The Portal Getting Started with Service Bus….


Service Bus: BeginSend is no magic async pixie dust

I just got off the call with a customer and had a bit of a déjà vu from a meeting at the beginning of the week, so it looks like the misconception I’ll explain here is a bit more common than I expected. In both cases, the folks I talked to, had the about equivalent…


Transactions in Windows Azure (with Service Bus) – An Email Discussion

I had a email discussion late last weekend and through this weekend on the topic of transactions in Windows Azure. One of our technical account managers asked me on behalf of their clients how the client could migrate their solution to Windows Azure without having to make very significant changes to their error management strategy…


MSDN Magazine June 2012: Using Windows Azure Service Bus for … Things!

I actually had to double-check whether it’s really true given all my talks and places where I’ve published articles, but the June 2012 issue of MSDN Magazine is indeed the first of this storied publication in which I have an article. It’s about the “Internet of Things” and an exemplary architecture for how to manage…


SignalR powered by Service Bus

UPDATED LINK: (tl;dr Our friends over in the ASP.NET team are working on a very nice, lightweight web-browser eventing technology called SignalR. SignalR allows server-pushed events into the browser with a variety of transport options and a very simple programming model. You can get it via NuGet and/or see growing and get the source…


Service Bus Relay Load Balancing–The Missing Feature (But Not For Much Longer!)

Load Balancing on the Service Bus Relay is by far our #1 most requested feature now that we’ve got Queues and Topics finally in production. It’s reasonable expectation for us deliver that capability in one of the next production updates and the good news is that we will. I’m not going to promise any concrete…


Securing Service Bus with the Access Control Service

This session explains how to secure Service Bus using the Access Control Service. This is also an extension session for my session at BUILD, but watching the BUILD session is not a strict prerequisite.


Service Bus Topics and Queues – Advanced

This session is a followup to the Service Bus session that I did at the build conference and explains advanced usage patterns: