Announcing the Microsoft Code-Name "BizTalk Services" R12 Release

We’re thrilled to announce that the BizTalk Services “R12” Community Technology Preview (CTP) is now available for general use. “BizTalk Services” is the code-name for a platform-in-the-cloud offering from Microsoft.  Currently in active development, BizTalk Services provides Messaging, Workflow, and Identity functionality to enable disparate applications to connect quickly and easily. Combined together in an…


BizTalk Services R11/R12 upgrade in progress

The BizTalk Services CTP will be switched from the “R11” to the “R12” release starting in about 30 minutes and we expect to have a 2 hour time window (1400h-1600h PT/2300h-0100h UTC) where existing service accounts are being rolled over to the new release. We’re expecting to be done with the migration by 1600h. Once the migration…


BizTalk Services: Update to the services (and SDK) scheduled

Heads up:  If things go as planned, the BizTalk Services cloud will be unavailable for a few hours during the day on Tuesday 7/15 (U.S. Pacific Time) since we’re doing an update to the services and to the SDK. I will post an update with the exact time window some time on Monday. Once we’re back up and…


Federated Identity with BizTalk Services

I highly recommend reading Vittorio’s most excellent and illuminating blog entry for how to use the new features we’ve added to BizTalk Identity Services for allowing you to use 3rd Party Managed Cards.


BizTalk Services "R11" CTP Comes with a Surprise

A flock of pigs has been doing aerobatics high up over Microsoft Campus in Redmond in the past three weeks. Neither City of Redmond nor Microsoft spokespeople returned calls requesting comments in time for this article. An Microsoft worker who requested anonymity and has seen the pigs flying overhead commented that “they are as good…


[WebGet] BizTalk

Steve Maine explains what’s in the newest revision of the BizTalk Services SDK, including quite a few (standalone-) surprises for WCF and WF developers. In case you haven’t noticed, we’ve dropped a new and substantially expanded build of the SDK just a week after we published the first SDK. Stop. Don’t leave yet. Before you…


Some fun with the BizTalk Services ISB

I wrote a slightly Twitter-inspired, fun app over the weekend that’s using the BizTalk Services Connectivity service and relay. In the spirit of Software+Services I’m going to give you half of it [for now] 😉   You must have the BizTalk Services SDK installed to run the sample. The server app, which I’m keeping to myself for…