Understanding Windows Azure AppFabric Queues (and Topics)

Our team’s Development Manager MK (Murali Krishnaprasad) and me were interviewed by Michael Washam on May 2011 CTP release of Windows Azure AppFabric. We discuss new technologies such as Topics, Queues, Subscriptions and how this relates to doing async development in the cloud.   Republished from Channel 9


Service Bus May 2011 CTP Client Bits now on NuGet

(This post has been written by my coworker Eric Lam who pulled this all together – he wrote it as an email to the team – I’m just ripping that off) NuGet (http://www.nuget.org/) is an open source package manager for .NET started by Microsoft. For some context there is a really good TechEd talk here….


Service Bus May 2011 CTP Resources

Here’s a (incomplete) snapshot of what’s out there in terms of material for the new Service Bus CTP: First read the release notes where we provide a summary of what’s new and what changed and also point out some areas of caution on parallel installs of the CTP and production SDKs.   You can get the…


A Bit Of Service Bus NetTcpRelayBinding Latency Math

From: John Doe  Sent: Thursday, May 12, 2011 3:10 AM To: Clemens Vasters Subject: What is the average network latency for the AppFabric Service Bus scenario? Importance: High Hi Clemens, A rough ballpark range in milliseconds per call will do. This is a very important metric for us to understand performance overhead. Thanks, John From:…


Windows Azure AppFabric October 2010 CTP – Service Bus Samples from my PDC Talk (Part 1)

In my PDC talk I’m showing a few little samples that are not in the SDK for the CTP release.  I’ve bundled them up and they’re attached to this post. The solution contains three samples: SBMT is the ‘Service Bus Management Tool’, a small command line utility to create/view/delete ConnectionPoints and MessageBuffers using the new…


PDC10 Windows Azure AppFabric – Service Bus Futures

My PDC10 session is available online (it was pre-recorded). I talk about the new ‘Labs’ release that we released into the datacenter this week and about a range of future capabilities that we’re planning for Service Bus. Some of those future capabilities that are a bit further out are about bringing back some popular capabilities…


Windows Azure AppFabric Datacenter IP ranges

We know that there’s a number of you out there who have outbound firewall rules in place on your corporate infrastructures that are based on IP address whitelisting. So if you want to make Service Bus or Access Control work, you need to know where our services reside. Below is the current list of where…


Programming WCF Services, Third Edition

Juval Löwy’s very successful WCF book is now available in its third edition – and Juval asked me to update the foreword this time around. It’s been over three years since I wrote the foreword to the first edition and thus it was time for an update since WCF has moved on quite a bit…


Windows Azure AppFabric Overview session from TechEd Australia 2010

In case you need a refresher or update about the things me and our team work on at Microsoft, go here for a very recent and very good presentation by my PM colleague Maggie Myslinska from TechEd Australia 2010 about Windows Azure AppFabric with Service Bus demos and a demo of the new Access Control…


TechEd: ASI204 Windows Azure Platform AppFabric Overview

Room 398, Tuesday June 8 3:15pm-4:30pm Session Type: Breakout Session Track: Application Server & Infrastructure Speaker(s): Maggie Myslinska Level: 200 – Intermediate Come learn how to use Windows Azure AppFabric (with Service Bus and Access Control) as building block services for Web-based and hosted applications, and how developers can leverage services to create applications in…