4 Questions

I answered 4 questions in Richard Seroter’s series of interviews with folks working on connect systems. See the Q&A here.


Achieving Transactional Behavior with Messaging

Elastic and dynamic multitenant cloud environments have characteristics that make traditional failure management mechanisms using coordinated 2-phase transactions a suboptimal choice. The common 2-phase commit protocols depend on a number of parties enlisted into a transaction making hard promises on the expected outcome of their slice a transaction. Those promises are difficult to keep in…


Service Bus Relay Load Balancing–The Missing Feature (But Not For Much Longer!)

Load Balancing on the Service Bus Relay is by far our #1 most requested feature now that we’ve got Queues and Topics finally in production. It’s reasonable expectation for us deliver that capability in one of the next production updates and the good news is that we will. I’m not going to promise any concrete…


Securing Service Bus with the Access Control Service

This session explains how to secure Service Bus using the Access Control Service. This is also an extension session for my session at BUILD, but watching the BUILD session is not a strict prerequisite.


Service Bus Topics and Queues – Advanced

This session is a followup to the Service Bus session that I did at the build conference and explains advanced usage patterns:


Understanding Windows Azure AppFabric Queues (and Topics)

Our team’s Development Manager MK (Murali Krishnaprasad) and me were interviewed by Michael Washam on May 2011 CTP release of Windows Azure AppFabric. We discuss new technologies such as Topics, Queues, Subscriptions and how this relates to doing async development in the cloud.   Republished from Channel 9


Service Bus May 2011 CTP Client Bits now on NuGet

(This post has been written by my coworker Eric Lam who pulled this all together – he wrote it as an email to the team – I’m just ripping that off) NuGet (http://www.nuget.org/) is an open source package manager for .NET started by Microsoft. For some context there is a really good TechEd talk here….


Audio clips recorded on the road

I’ve been starting to use Cinchcast to post little audio clips that I record while driving from and to work about things that come up with regards to Service Bus on the forums or on Twitter or elsewhere. The RSS feed is at http://www.cinchcast.com/clemensv.rss


Service Bus May 2011 CTP Resources

Here’s a (incomplete) snapshot of what’s out there in terms of material for the new Service Bus CTP: First read the release notes where we provide a summary of what’s new and what changed and also point out some areas of caution on parallel installs of the CTP and production SDKs.   You can get the…