Windows Azure Speaking Tour Slides

I'm on a tour through several countries right now and I'm talking to ISVs about the Windows Azure platform, its capabilities and the many opportunities ISVs have to transform the way they do business by moving to the cloud. The first day of the events is an introduction to the platform at the capability level; it's not a coding class, that would be impossible to fit.

I've shared the slides on SkyDrive. Steal liberally if you find the material useful.


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  1. rogerj says:

    Hi, Clemens,

    Thanks for the slides. They have the highest production values I’ve seen in an Azure slide deck so far.

    Rather than "steal liberally," how about a Creative Commons Attribution license?

    Roger Jennings

    OakLeaf Systems

  2. clemensv says:

    No need for attribution 🙂

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