SOA and Business Process Conference 2007

You are in North America and not in Europe? You want more content than what fits into a track at TechEd? No problem! Just come to the SOA and Business Process Conference that we’re running October 29 – November 2 at the Microsoft Conference Center here in Redmond. There’ll be lots of very interesting new stuff from teams across our division here…


Live again at TechEd Barcelona: The Steve & Clemens Show

Even though the TechEd Europe Developer Website doesn’t yet clearly say so, Steve Swartz and myself will “of course!” be back with a new set of Steve & Clemens talks in Barcelona for TechEd Europe Developer (November 5-9). And for the first time we’ll stay for another week and also give a talk at TechEd Europe ITForum (November…


LiveID + CardSpace

Check this out.


Sin, Sin, Sin: How to do Simple, Webby, and Completely Insecure ASP.NET Membership Authentication and Role Authorization with WCF

We’re all sinners. Lots of the authentication mechanisms on the Web are not even “best effort”, but rather just cleartext transmissions of usernames and passwords that are easily intercepted and not secure at all. We’re security sinners by using them and even more so by allowing this. However, the reality is that there’s very likely more authentication…



UPDATE: The code has been updated. Ignore this post and go here. I’m writing lots of code lately. I’ve rejoined the dasBlog community and I’m busy writing a prototype for the .NET Framework 3.5 version of dasBlog (we just released the 2.0 version, see One of the goals of the prototype, which we’ll eventually merge into the…


TweetieBot – A BizTalk Services Experiment

Having an Internet Service Bus up in the cloud is not very entertaining unless there are services in the bus. Therefore, I built one (and already showed some of the code basics) that’s hopefully fun to play with and will soon share the first version with you after some scrubbing and pending a few updates…


Help Wanted

After roughly 15 months of working for the firm I’ve got to say that while it was fun talking about the .NET Framework and BizTalk at conferences and in writing, it’s quite a bit more fun to be part of building the .NET Framework and BizTalk. You could be part of it, too, if you have the Jedi…


[WebGet] BizTalk

Steve Maine explains what’s in the newest revision of the BizTalk Services SDK, including quite a few (standalone-) surprises for WCF and WF developers. In case you haven’t noticed, we’ve dropped a new and substantially expanded build of the SDK just a week after we published the first SDK. Stop. Don’t leave yet. Before you…


Some fun with the BizTalk Services ISB

I wrote a slightly Twitter-inspired, fun app over the weekend that’s using the BizTalk Services Connectivity service and relay. In the spirit of Software+Services I’m going to give you half of it [for now] 😉   You must have the BizTalk Services SDK installed to run the sample. The server app, which I’m keeping to myself for…


Connected Systems @MIX: The Videos

For those of you who couldn’t make it to MIX, here are the (Silverlight-) videos of the talks from the Connected Systems Division deep-linked to Don Box, Steve Maine: Navigating the Programmable Web Garrett Serack, Mike Jones, Pat Felsted: Enable Windows CardSpace and Information Cards on Your Web Site Kim Cameron and Panel: Digital…