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In the ongoing MSDN Architecture Webcast Series with broad coverage of all things WCF (see the "Next Generation: .NET Framework 3.0 and Vista" section for archived and upcoming content), I am on today (8AM PST, 11AM EST, 17:00 CET), live from my kitchen table in Germany, with a remix of my "RSS, REST, POX, Sites-as-Services" talks from MIX06 and TechEd.

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  1. DotNetAddict says:

    Clemens – I loved your talk at Tech-Ed 2006 – I was wondering if you could shed some light on the REST/POX support you mentioned would be added to the June CTP of WCF – I’m interested in getting started but don’t want to reproduce all of the "hard way" code you showed if the June CTP makes it easier.

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