22 Free Reporting Services Reports for Dynamics Nav available

Together with the SQL Server team we released a report pack for Dynamics Nav running on SQL Server 2005 Reporting Services. This is done together with a series of other Report Packs that can be seen here.
The Nav Reports will run on the W1 demo database but can easily be customized to run on any database. The Nav Reports can be picked up at the location below:


As we are very interested in feedback please leave comments

Comments (1)

  1. Anonymous says:

    I installed the reports on my localhost and I just can’t make them work… The Navision Demo database has a different name than that is the default in the report package – I edited the datasource in Studio but it has no effect. When I try to browse to a report, I get error: Cannot open database: "Navision Demo Database" (which is the default one).  No documentation what is the procedure to refresh an existing projects datasource. Aargh.

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