New category – Reporting

I have just created a new category called reporting. Here I will discuess the possibilities in reporting in conjunction with Reporting Services. There are several ways to use this tool to do reports on top of Navision and will try to cover most of them in my next posts.If there are special topics in this…


Top reporting pains – request for feedback

Here is a way to provide me some direct feedback with regards to the current reporting solution in Navision. What are you top pains in the current reporting solution and what is the best with regards to the current reporting solution. Leave feedback in comments.


Creating a Fiscal Calendar in BA 4.00

By request I’ll briefly run over generating new timedimension in BA. By default BA is not able to create a Fical Calendar that fits the content of the table AccountingPeriodes. Nor is it able to handle calendars from Service. These can however be created manually. It is really simple and requires only editing of the…


Navision DEV is blogging

Just a service message – Henrik Skydtsgaard has a blog on .Net and Navision here

Movement of pictures

Just a note on the update of the configuration post. I had to move my pictures to new location.

Running more than one active configuration in BA 4.00

As promised at my session last week I would post a detailed walk through of how to be able to run more than one active configuration with BA in Navision 4.00. First of all I would like to state that this is not a thing that I’d recommend doing unless you are used to working…


The components used by Business Analytics 4.00

In this post I will outline the components used in BA v.4. This will enable you to get an overview of the underlying technologies and ultimately give you an idea of what it takes to customize the setup delivered by BA. The major components of Business Analytics are: The Configurator which is the tool that…