LA, Phoenix, Seattle for a bit

I have just left NZ for the next week and a half to go to Seattle for an internal technical conference.  On the way … decided to meet up with my friend Jezz from MS finland … and do some more skydiving at Eloy in Arizona.  Should be a blast. Anyway … so have a…


Wing Walking! – Video

Over Easter i went skydiving over in Australia with a few friends.  In the middle of the trip we decided to go wing walking.  There was a guy about 3 hours drive away that let you jump out on to the wing of his Red Bi-Plane and go for a stroll before jumping off and…


Nagambie Easter Boogie 2004

Arrived back from the Nagambie Easter Skydiving Boogie in Aussie last night.  Another great event put on by Don and Louise.  Lots of loads out of the new PAC XL750 … i managed 32 jumps over the 8 days jumping we had. Probably the weirdest jump we did was off the wing of a red…


Nagambie and New Rig

Jezz, Simon and I are off to Skydive Nagambie’s Easter Boogie again this year.  This will be the one year anniversary of me learning up skydive!  It was at the Easter boogie last year that i took my first free fall. To commemorate the occasion i will be jumping my newly purchased rig (see below). Some…



I got to Seattle yesterday after spending the weekend in Perris.  Apparently there is no other reason to go to Perris other than to skydive.  I would have to agree i am sorry to say.  The skydiving ROCKED!  Did 14 jumps in a couple of days.  Managed a bunch of coaching jumps with Fritz from…


Seattle and Perris Dec 03

I am leaving to go to the US on the 28th Nov for some training up in Redmond.  I thought i might as well pass by Perris Valley to take in a few jumps so will be there on the 29th & 30th.  Big DZ and really looking forward to jumping there.  Should be a blast….


New Zealand Oktober Boogie 2003

Over the weekend i participated in the annual Oktober Skydiving Boggie in Dannevirke New Zealand.  It was the first one run and hopefully will not be the last.  We made the drive up to Dannevirk on Friday afternoon with the weather reports all indicating that it was going to be a waste of time and petrol….


Go-Leap is up….

Check out the Go-Leap web site: Lots of funny photos of the boys up jumping.


Its almost time for a rig…

After completing my 35th jump the other day in Taupo i am thinking it is time to buy of of my own SkyDive kit.  First on the list is a container (the thing that sits on your back) and a canopy (the thing that slows you down). Seriously looking at the Talon FS container:…